Since we released our new open code model last week, we got lots of positive feedback – from the e-commerce media and journalists as well as from developers who numerous used the new possibility to have a look into the Spryker code. Nevertheless there occured some freqent questions about our new philosophy:


Is open code the same as open source? Is the framework for free now? Why did we decide to change our first strategy on favour of the new approach?



Our CTO Fabian Wesner gave a detailled answer to this question in our new blog for technology enthusiasts:


fabian“Although the core of Spryker is a commercial product, we decided to open the source code to the public. This is a new approach of software distribution which we call “Open Code“. There are many similarities to “Open Source“: you can retrieve the source code on Github and evaluate the framework if it fits to your needs. We even have a contribution agreement. But the big difference to open source is the license that only allows evaluation. So if you want to use Spryker for your project, we would be more than happy to talk with you.

To avoid confusion: The Open Code license only applies to the core code of Spryker. Besides this we offer some open source components. For instance, there is our Demoshop which serves as a boilerplate for new projects. We decided to use the MIT license, so feel free to fork and modify the code. Maybe in the future, our solution partners are going to offer a specialized adoption of it.”

For all answers to Open Souce vs. Open Code read the full blog.