03 Dec - 03 Dec 2020

Beyond Online Shop



How to transform your business into a digital marketplace

This year, the sales opportunities in e-commerce have grown enormously due to the Corona pandemic. Companies now have to rethink and develop new strategies to fulfill the growing needs. Online marketplaces are a proven method for efficient and future-oriented scaling. Companies create enterprise marketplaces to enable third parties to sell via the platform, to expand the range of products and services on offer and to boost growth. For existing online stores it is easy and profitable to transform their traditional e-commerce platform into an enterprise marketplace.

Date & Time:

3rd December 2020 – 11 am




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What to expect

In our 60-minute webinar, the experts from Spryker and mediawave will not only give you a general overview of the situation in the current e-commerce market, introduce different marketplace concepts and show you the benefits for enterprise marketplace operators based on a real use case, but also explain when this approach is right for your business and give a demo of the brand new Spryker Marketplace Suite. Of course there will be enough time for a Q&A session at the end of the event!

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