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Facing increasingly complex customer journeys and a growing variety of devices, Spryker helps companies to reach their customers across all digital touchpoints: desktop shops, mobile apps, IoT (Internet of Things) scenarios, Blockchain, chat bot and voice integrations. Spryker helps you get there.

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Car Commerce: the car of the future comes with in-car shopping experiences by default.

Native Mobile Apps: a must-have for many shoppers.

Voice Commerce: Siri and Alexa are conquering our living rooms with lightning speed.

Online Shop: the classic desktop store has not served its time just yet.

IoT Apps: lifts aren’t the only connected thing that can already order spare parts by itself.

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  • Flexible customisation

    Spryker Commerce OS is fully modular and can be adapted to match your needs 100%. Avoid dead weight and only integrate the capabilities you really need to realize your business goals.

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  • 350+ Modules

    PIM, Order Management System, Customer Relationship Management, fully-fledged checkout, various payment methods or complex discount options – the Spryker Commerce OS comes with more than 350 modules and functionalities, enabling you to run a successful e-commerce business.

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  • Unlimited Devices

    Desktop Shop App, Mobile Shop App, IoT scenarios, Blockchain Technology or bot and voice integrations – regardless of how your customers choose to shop in future, we will make it possible!

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Best Practice Cases

  • FOND OF… Bags, fashion and above all performance

    FOND OF foresaw the end of their previous shop platform: “No other shop system offers the same level of performance and scalability.” For their re-launch, the fashion brand adhered to two principles and realized their new shop in 100 days.

    Case study
  • Why a standard shop is not enough for HARDECK

    The Home & Living brand Hardeck uses the Spryker Commerce OS mainly for its deep and varied article catalog and maximum loading speed. Find out how they managed to become one of Germany’s fastest furniture online stores.

    Case study
  • How does ROSE Bikes stay ahead in the bike markt?

    Transformation across the entire business, as well as a personalized purchase and configuration experience, are key to ROSE Bikes success. That’s why the brand needs more than an e-commerce standard shop. How can these requirements be realized in a simple yet fast manner?

    Case study
  • Code Zero Focuses on Feature Flexibility

    To keep in touch with your customers in the long term, you have to be able to adapt your brand world quickly. The maritime lifestyle brand Code Zero focuses on strong branding and customer-centric features combined with a galactically fast checkout for customers.

    Case study
  • Hilti Drives International Expansion

    An innovation-first approach of 1957 led Hilti to becoming the world market leader of power tools in the professional construction industry. Find out how the Spryker Commerce OS supports Hilti expanding in a fast and cost-effective manner.

    Case study
  • Technology Ownership as Driver for Certeo’s Business Transformation

    New online key players are coming after many B2B retail sectors. Find out how Business Equipment Supplier Certeo tackled their transformation and why technology ownership has the highest priority on their route to success.

    Case study
  • Lumas Converts First-Time Art Buyers

    The art market is seeing a revenue shift with online taking a growing share of the market. Art and photography platform Lumas converts first-time buyers and art fanatics to purchase online with a dedicated Spryker Commerce OS solution.

    Case study
  • Tom Tailor Runs High Performing Multi-Stores

    Facing ever-growing competition, the fashion industry requires rapid product innovation, rooted in the right technology to ensure customer-centric performance. Read more about why Tom Tailor chose to re-launch with the Spryker Commerce OS.

    Case study
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