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6 E-commerce Strategies for Retailers in the US

Retail e-commerce sales in the United States are predicted to grow double-digits in 2023. Emarketer projects that by 2023 worldwide e-commerce sales will total $6.169 trillion and make up 22.3% market share of total retail sales.

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White Paper Overview

With e-commerce booming worldwide, retail businesses in the US must be willing to adapt quickly and embrace new technologies if they want to stay competitive. This handout lists 6 e-commerce strategies for retailers to follow in 2022 and beyond.


Marketplace mastery and its benefits

The importance of headless commerce and flexibility

Globalization and brand expansion

Automation for the retail industry

Community building for brand awareness

Social commerce trends

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Modern growth strategies for retailers 

As industries evolve rapidly due to technological innovation, unpredictable disruptions and shifting customers’ values, as a retailer you should wisely choose the most successful cards to play for business growth.

“By 2023 worldwide e-commerce sales will make up 22.3% market share of total retail sales.”



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