6 Ways Your Digital Commerce Business can “Go Beyond” With Spryker in 2022

Everything you need to know from a vision and exciting experiences to smart data and people power

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White Paper Overview

The constantly changing market environment of today brings plenty of challenges. What works at the moment will probably not work in the future. Competition is so fierce, that you have to differentiate yourself in some way or you’ll get lost among your competitors. In this white paper, we will show you the 6 most impactful success factors to make your company ‘go beyond’ in the fast-paced environment that 2022 will bring.

Learn about success factors such as

Vision and mission statements

Smart Data

The power of flexibility

Innovate or die

This white paper is for you if you

Feel lost in the constantly changing market

No longer want to follow the lead

Want to become a pioneer instead

Are looking for key differentiators

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“Go Beyond” – what and how?

There is no such thing as a secret ingredient or a single key to successfully standing out from the crowd in digital commerce. That is the challenge of differentiation. You have to know your customers and create a unique solution that matches your individual business challenges. Following the lead is no longer en-vogue. However, becoming a pioneer instead of a follower, requires excellence in strategy, technology, processes and workforce.

To be a growth leader in the 2020s and beyond, companies must find innovative ways to tackle the challenges faced. Niche Marketplaces, like Shein, ANT Group, Pinduoduo, Coinbase, OpenSea are disruptive and creating value and thereby challenge Alibaba and Amazon for their dominance.”

James Henderson - Enterprise Technology Architect at Accenture, at Spryker Excite 2021

Something unique and novel has to be created. The solution is to try everything, collect data, test more, fail faster, improve swiftly and retry more rapidly. This means you have to change the way you change. You have to build an agile organization that can quickly adapt to anything. Only by doing this can you ensure the growth of your company.

We’ll touch on how Spryker goes beyond and can enable your business to do so. We state some motivating insights from our inspiring mentors and use Amazon as an example story, to help you understand each point better.


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