6 reasons why delayed replatforming will cost you more tomorrow. 6 reasons why delayed replatforming will cost you more tomorrow - whitepaper cover bg

Now or never. 6 reasons why delayed replatforming will cost you more tomorrow.

Exploring opportunity cost and the impact of delayed tech adoption on e-commerce businesses

This handout will demonstrate the significance of replatforming and why innovation should be prioritized. Read it now to start your epic journey toward meeting evolving customer requirements, improving time to market, staying ahead of competitors, and delivering quality products and services.

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Handout Overview

Average tech today will be obsolete tomorrow!

Replatforming can be time-consuming and expensive, but now is always the right time to take a leap into the future. Your current technology infrastructure may be barely paid off, but delayed tech adoption may result in significant costs in the near future. This handout explores opportunity cost and the potential impact of missed opportunities.


The significance of opportunity cost for e-commerce

The costs versus benefits of switching to Spryker

6 e-business opportunities you'll miss if you don't upgrade today

How Spyker enables a seamless transition that lowers your TCO

Who should read this handout:

Business Executives


Businesses building a digital presence


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Postponing your replatforming project? Think again!

Here are 6 business opportunities you’ll miss if you don’t upgrade today:

  • Market share
  • Flexibility
  • Time to market
  • Growth
  • Innovation
  • Developer retention

The only way for companies to survive is to constantly adapt to new conditions and evolving consumer demands. Fear of digitization is simply a means of ensuring failure, as it’s a fact that customers now want multiple sales channels, including online. ‘Death by inertia’ is not inevitable - all retailers need to do is embrace change, and go digital.

— Alexander Graf, Co-CEO of Spryker

Many businesses ignore the future risks of their current rigid solutions which usually suffice until a problem or potential loss arises. In the world of modern commerce, any delays or hesitation to innovate directly correlate to future losses that can be inflicted by unexpected global changes.



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