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Spryker’s future-proof solution for cloud-based commerce

How can businesses find ways to commercialize the successful application of innovation reliably? This Handout will help you understand how Spryker's Cloud Commerce OS can support you in building a future-proof e-business.

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Handout Overview

The only constant in digital business is change. The expectation of customer-centricity will continue to increase throughout all industries. “How to sell” is becoming more important than “what to sell”. With constant change and growth of digital sales channels comes a shift in the previous distribution of market share. Successful business strategies have shorter half-lives than in the past. This development puts the long-term growth of organizations at risk. Markets are becoming highly competitive due to innovation cycles becoming even shorter. Businesses must
find ways to commercialize the successful application of innovation reliably.

In this handout you will learn:

How to keep up with a constantly changing digital environment

E-commerce solutions for B2B manufacturers

Spryker Cloud Commerce OS for e-commerce innovation

Transactional business models of the future

Who should read this handout:



B2B Merchants

Business Executives

Medical technology experts

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Cloud-based commerce for Manufacturing and beyond

Many businesses are under immense pressure to either innovate and meet the demands of modern customers or lose the race to early adopters. Headless, modular B2B commerce, requires sophisticated experiences that are seamless, scalable, and truly flexible. Spryker’s leading B2B Cloud-based Commerce platform fulfills every intricate business need–effortlessly. Additionally, it is a PaaS company that enables customers to use best-of-breed components on a single point of contact for the full service, without hassles or complex multi-party agreements.

In our strategy, we put our customers into the center - therefore, we defined “SENSE” as our mission.

Jochen Hostalka, SVP IT & Enterprise Services - Siemens Healthineers
Spryker Cloud Commerce OS–a proven history of e-commerce innovation

What Spryker provides for cloud commerce and beyond:

  • Future-proof business
  • Improved customer experience
  • Faster return on investment
  • Support in a single platform

Dila Doymus

Product Marketing Manager
Dila is a Spryker product expert. Her current primary focus is on Spryker Cloud Commerce OS and Marketplace products. She also has extensive experience in the retail industry, having previously worked in B2B marketing and product marketing management at SaaS companies.
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