The status quo of CPG

As one of the world’s largest and most diverse industries, CPG covers everything from food and beverage to household products and medicines. With a long history, dating back to the late 19th century, CPG has undergone tremendous changes and transformations due to new technology, changing consumer demands, and global market conditions. Currently, the global CPG market is valued at over 2 trillion USD, and it’s expected to keep growing.

As an industry characterized by high competition levels and rapid consumer behavior changes, what are the future trends, opportunities, and digital solutions in CPG? This handbook focuses primarily on CPG manufacturing, but all the challenges and solutions remain relevant for CPG as a whole.

CPG businesses must view the industry's myriad challenges as opportunities if they hope to succeed

Like almost every industry, CPG manufacturing faces multiple challenges amidst rapid changes in consumer preferences and behaviors. Firstly, there is an increased spotlight on sustainability and the growing demand for organic and natural products. Next, you’ve got e-commerce technology and D2C sales making it easier for new entrants to disrupt the market.

Throw in the global pandemic, which hugely impacted consumer buying habits, and there’s now increasing demand for at-home consumption and health and wellness products. Macroeconomic and global market turmoil, including supply chain issues, rising energy and commodity prices, and inflation, further compound the challenges facing CPG.

When it comes to digitization, one of the significant difficulties is aligning the entire organization with a shared digital vision. This can be due to several factors, such as a need for more agreement among different departments, integrating the vision alongside existing enterprise-level strategies, and ensuring that business leaders both understand the possibilities of digital change and are willing to invest in it. To address these challenges, CPG companies must continually innovate and differentiate themselves through a flexible approach, or risk drowning in an ever-crowded market.



Spryker is an eCommerce platform that's been making waves in the CPG industry. Its modular and customizable approach enables CPG brands to create an online store that integrates seamlessly with their existing supply chain and logistics, streamlining operations and reaching consumers more efficiently. In addition to D2C capabilities, Spryker also offers B2B functionalities that are relevant for CPG brands. With Spryker, CPG brands can establish a direct-to-consumer channel and a B2B portal that reflects their brand identity and offers a personalized shopping experience to both consumer and business customers. This approach can lead to higher sales and increased brand loyalty for both channels.
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