The status quo of Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale and Distribution (W&D), sometimes used interchangeably, refers to any business that buys products from manufacturers and sells them to retailers and other companies instead of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C). The sector covers a range of industries, from food and beverage to electronics, and pharmaceuticals to machinery. It’s a humongous market, expected to grow globally to more than 61 billion USD by 2027, ripe with opportunity for players who stay ahead of the curve.

However, while the industry is large, diverse, and growing, it’s facing universal disruption. The ‘Amazon Effect’ has been plaguing the industry for years. More recently, the covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical instability have wreaked havoc on W&D. Weaknesses in supply chains were revealed, and consumer demands have evolved beyond what most traditional businesses can keep up with.

95 percent of B2B buyers said they were willing to make purchases without interacting with salespeople.


As the majority of W&D companies serve businesses rather than the end consumer, B2B buyers’ rising expectations regarding customer experience and digitization mean that digitally-native new market entrants offer tantalizing and competitive opportunities to your customers. To ensure the ongoing success of your business, you must embrace an agile mindset, and open the doors to new technology, or risk being swallowed up by your smarter, faster, younger opponents.

For Wholesale & Distribution players to secure their position in this lucrative market, they must first understand the challenges they’re facing, and analyze the digital commerce solutions before them. The key to success lies in digitizing quickly, iterating, and increasing capabilities along the way. Read on to find out more.



Spryker is an eCommerce platform that has made significant strides in the wholesale distribution sector. Its flexible and modular architecture enables wholesale distributors to establish an online store that seamlessly integrates with their existing supply chain and logistics systems, streamlining operations and expanding their reach to clients. Spryker offers B2B features tailored to the unique demands of wholesale businesses. By leveraging Spryker, these organizations can develop a B2B portal that accentuates their brand identity and provides customized shopping experiences for their corporate customers. Implementing this approach can lead to increased revenue and heightened brand loyalty
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