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What was once the privilege of fast-moving consumer goods is now being enabled by technology for long-tail and more complex producers: customer access. Coupled with globalization and the changing buying patterns of business customers, this creates a real opportunity to become dominant in your industry.

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Why marketplaces are your next 10x initiative

How to build a successful marketplace business model with enterprise commerce technology

The revenue stream of B2B marketplaces

Running your marketplace initiative on Spryker

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How to build a successful marketplace business model with enterprise commerce technology

Marketplaces currently have a strong tailwind and will change global commerce in the long term. As a company in the manufacturing industry, it is crucial to understand how to develop a successful marketplace and what role you should play in it. In this chapter we talk about the requirements for marketplaces, revenue streams, operators & traders, and what technology is needed.

The essentials of a B2B marketplace

Successful B2B marketplaces are built on a predefined set of key aspects. Those consist of seven main attributes that combined build the business platform for your revenue growth.

Benefits of marketplaces
In summary, it can be said that, particularly in the B2B manufacturing industry, running a marketplace as the operator enables special competitive advantages. Industry expertise can be applied to create a holistic and consistent customer experience across the board.

Additionally, the product quality remains at a high level due to the controlled access of new merchants to the marketplace. Finally, it is an ideal foundation to develop further revenue streams without jeopardizing existing business processes.

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