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It is our passion to create digital solutions for you, your customers and your products.

In the digital age, products and services are marketed in new ways: more specifically, more individually and faster. The terms „service”and „customer service” have become more important. Digital processes have simplified and automated many things; this is why they demand more authenticity, trust and reliability. Focus on your customers by making your business processes more transparent and integrated.

With the four service areas: user experience, commerce, customer and consulting movento is perfectly positioned to give you the tools to control your marketing, sales and service activities reliably and enhance them.

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Our approach:

Our approach is to increase the digital relevancy of your organization, delivering

  • new services around your products and offerings
  • cutting edge user experience and design
  • an omni-channel customer experience
  • required changed in the business architecture
  • CRM and customer centric marketing solutions
  • and continuous support to develop, enhance and optimize the usability, efficiency and performance of your digital platform

We do this using agile approaches to accommodate the speed of change we are facing in todays mobile and online world. The movento commerce team has experience delivering a large number of commerce, CRM, Design and App development projects and programmes. We have worked with

  • large enterprise as as well as small online start-ups,
  • inB2x business scenarios
  • PHP as well as Java technology.

Typically movento uses near-shore delivery centres in Spain ad Eastern Europe to complement the local teams working closely with our customers.

In total the team has been delivering:

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Why Spryker

movento believes that not one size, namely one software solution fits all customers. We are working hard to understand the uniqueness of each customer, the requirements of an organisation, the maturity and goals and thus we try to select the best solution every time.

And although movento is known as a long term SAP partner, we do believe there is very good reason to for other approaches and technologies in certain situations. Spryker’s lightweight, modular architecture can bring significant advantages for companies striving for fast change or new sales models. This is why movento is a Spryker partner and this why we believe Spryker will find its place in the group of leading commerce frameworks.

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