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Something is in the air…it’s enlightening, educational, encouraging, AND entertaining – it’s Spryker OnAir!

We welcome you to our live show where we’ll cover relevant commerce topics ranging from real-world learnings in interviews with industry experts and actual Spryker customers to Spryker product updates.


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What to expect

We have carefully curated a well-balanced agenda of industry-relevant insights, operational & technical how-tos, deep dives into several real customer cases, as well as product updates. 

Some of our hosts include CEO Alexander Graf, CCO Chris Rauch, Director Business Consulting Yara Molthan, VP of Product Elena Leonova, and many more! The agenda will be updated on a regular basis, so make sure to check back often to find discussion relevant for you!

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Marketplace Mastery: 5 key strategies to unleash the Potential of Marketplace Models in Manufacturing & CPG

Embrace the marketplace revolution! Discover the keys to unlocking the true potential of marketplace platforms in the dynamic Manufacturing & Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sectors. Join Spryker, Stripe, and KPS industry leaders in an exclusive panel discussion webinar as they unveil the strategies, insights, and best practices to help your business thrive in this evolving landscape.

On-Demand Episodes

5 winning strategies for Manufacturers to move your B2B Customers to eCommerce now

Manufacturers around the world are trying to establish digital sales channels to offer their complex technical solutions to their customers in a more convenient and efficient manner. In this process of digitization, one rather long hanging fruit is often overlooked: the after sales business. B2B manufacturers are still hesitant to fully tap into this opportunity. Rome wasn't built in a day, and your business won't digitize overnight either. In this webinar, we will introduce to you 5 ways to successfully launch and grow your digital commerce business - and they are easier and quicker to implement than you might think.

Build your own ecosystem in Automotive Aftersales

Building your own ecosystem in the Automotive Aftersales market can help spread supply chain risk and create new revenue streams. Not sure where to start? We've got you covered.
Join us on April 20, 2pm CST, when Felix Bühner, expert for transactional business models in the automotive industry at Spryker, and Jordan Tauriainen, Partner Strategy Lead Automotive & Manufacturing at AWS, will share what it takes to make a move on building your own ecosystem. This will include information on what steps you will need to take and where you can rely on trusted partners. Are you ready to lead your company into the future? Register now!

From Your Marketplace Opportunity To Your Business Plan - Solve Your Business Challenges With a Marketplace

The digital revolution is pushing industries into a deep transformation - will you claim the leadership with a B2B Marketplace? Marketplaces have the potential to become one of the most efficient ways for large enterprises to conduct international business. Marketplace sales now make up 62% of all online retail transactions worldwide. Now is the perfect time to establish a B2B marketplace to become the one-stop shop in your vertical and we've got the manual for you! On December 7th, 4pm CET, Sylvain Bureau, Senior Business Consultant & Marketplace Specialist shares the steps to be ready to launch your marketplace, including the most important use cases, forming a strategy for your needs & a sneak peak of how your Marketplace could look like further down the line.

How to Win the race against the Grocery Giants - Australia Online Grocery Report 2022

In Australia, food – especially grocery retail – has become something of a political hot potato: many shoppers, most producers, and all market observers agree that Australia's A$125bn grocery sector is run by a duopoly but has big change potential. For practitioners, this means they must analyze the status quo and future opportunities of online groceries to find actionable implications to keep up in the online grocery race between grocery giants, quick commerce leaders and discounters. Chris Gourvelos and Robyn Hill, Head of Retail/CPG, APAC at AWS discuss recent data on the Australian online grocery trend to identify regional challenges and opportunities Australian food retailers and manufacturers face while digitizing their businesses.

Minimum Viable Product oder besser Maximum Valuable Product? MVP-Kickstart in die B2B-Praxis des E-Commerce

Virtuelle Diskussionsrunde mit SWISS KRONO Group, Sprkyer, Akeneo und Unic Ein 360-Grad-Blick auf Konzepte und Praxis von MVPs im E-Commerce – vier Standpunkte, eine Lösung. Unsere Diskutanten von SWISS KRONO Group, Spryker, Akeneo und Unic beleuchten, worauf es bei der Gestaltung einer E-Commerce-Lösung ankommt: Die Idee des MVP im E-Commerce – und warum Zielgruppenfokus im B2B so wichtig ist; Entscheidungspunkte und Herausforderungen bei der Einführung im Unternehmen SWISS KRONO Group; Ein leistungsstarkes E-Commerce-System ist ein Must-have, doch die richtige Orchestrierung von Prozessen und Daten ist entscheidend.

Manufacturers Digital Gold Rush - 5 growth opportunities providing a map to success

The #1 thing B2B customers want? Convenience. The way we want to buy products and services has changed fundamentally in recent years. Every customer you work with as a manufacturer is also a consumer who shops at sleek, digital portals like Amazon that have set new standards in terms of user experience. More and more, your customers are expecting the same level of sophistication in their business interactions. Today, 9 out of 10 B2B buyers already want a B2C-like shopping experience. In this webinar, Andrej Maihorn, VP US Strategy & Industry Solutions at Spryker, shares 5 concrete use cases B2B manufacturers can follow to address these new customer needs and decisively advance their business through convenience in digital commerce.

C'est le moment ou jamais pour le ecommerce! évoluer ou disparaître!

Depuis son développement initial dans le marché des logiciels au début des années 2000 puis les achats mobiles et les tendances actuelles comme headless et API-first, le monde du commerce numérique est en constante évolution. Afin de garder une vue d’ensemble, les entreprises doivent contempler cette évolution sachant que les transformations qui l’accompagnent peuvent être accablantes. Alors, par où faudrait-il commencer ? Dans ce webinaire, nous aborderons le panorama post-covid actuel, les défis de la transformation digital en France et comment les gérer. Vous découvrirez quelles sont les prochaines étapes dans l’évolution du marché du commerce électronique et comment vous pouvez rester à jour sur les actualités en tout temps.

Logic x Spryker: Global trends vs. regional challenges in digitizing grocery shopping

In the digitized world of convenience, we’ve entered the age of one-day shipping, food delivery, and online grocery shopping. For practitioners, this means they must analyze the status quo and future potential of online groceries to find actionable implications for them. In this Spryker OnAir episode, Xavier Mougeot from Logic and Spryker CEO Alexander Graf discuss recent data of the online grocery trend to identify regional and global challenges food retailers and manufacturers have to face while digitizing their business.

Usercentrics x Spryker - Securing and Managing Customer Consent With Just one Click

Just the click of a button to make a customer's life easier - it’s that simple. Join Manishi Signh and Benjamin Nidam in this OnAir episode to learn from one of the very first adopters of Sprykers App Composition Platform.  Discover how Spryker and Usercentrics provide businesses with great user experiences, help to comply with privacy regulations and maintain data quality by leveraging the concept of composability together as partners. 

The future of digital commerce is composable - are you ready for it?

omposability is here to stay, and you need to get ready to use it! Gartner says: "By 2023, organizations that have adopted a composable approach will outpace competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation." In this OnAir episode, Chris German, Global Head of Analyst Relations & Influencer Marketing at Spryker, talks all things composability. From why the concept has become such an important in the industry to various analysts' angles on the concept of composable commerce. Join us in the webinar to find out why and how this approach could be a way to future-proof your business.

Weshalb B2B Industrieunternehmen nicht um Digital Commerce herumkommen werden - 5 Dinge, die Sie jetzt dringend tun sollten

Die Art wie wir Produkte und Dienstleistungen kaufen möchten hat sich in den letzten Jahren grundlegend verändert. Unternehmen wie Google und Amazon haben neue Maßstäbe in puncto Nutzerlebnis gesetzt. Das gilt allerdings nicht nur für private sondern mehr und mehr auch für geschäftliche Transaktionen. Schon heute erwarten 9 von 10 B2B Einkäufern ein B2C-ähnliches Einkaufserlebnis. In diesem Webinar besprechen wir 5 konkrete Ansätze, wie B2B Industrieunternehmen auf diese neuen Kundenanforderungen eingehen und ihr Geschäft durch Digital Commerce entscheidend voranbringen können. 

Meet our wonderful hosts!

  • Alexander Graf

    As Co-Founder and CEO of Spryker, Alex is a commerce industry visionary with more than 20 years of experience analyzing commerce business trends and author of numerous articles and books, including the industry benchmark The E-Commerce Book. Prior to founding Spryker Alex co-founded numerous companies in the digital space, including Germany’s leading digital consultancy Etribes, Europe’s leading Amazon Agency Factor A and Hamburg’s first Unicorn AboutYou.

  • Yara Molthan

    As Director Business Consulting for Spryker, Yara is the expert on the business models behind the technology. Previously, she worked as Senior Manager at the digital consultancy Etribes, where she developed strategies in the e-commerce and D2C environment for well-known companies. Her core competencies and consulting focuses include the design and implementation of comprehensive digital projects, the acquisition and connection of new digital distribution channels in Europe and abroad, and their operational management.

  • Elena Leonova

    Elena leads the product management organization, reporting directly to CEO Boris Lokschin, growing Spryker’s portfolio of capabilities and harnessing cross-functional teams spanning Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and more. Elena brings to the role more than 10 years’ experience at the cutting edge of e-commerce: at Magento, the world’s leading open-source e-commerce platform, and at BigCommerce, the open SaaS commerce platform, where she was VP of Product Management.

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