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Agile Pricing

What does the Spryker Commerce OS cost?

You pay per developer seat. You can flexibly adopt seats according to your booked rate. You can choose between monthly, quarterly and yearly plans. It gets cheaper if you book longer terms. No revenue or hardware based licencing.

  • Monthly

    Subscription per developer seat

    1.950 €*

    upgrades included

    opt. Support (SLA) 2.800 € **

  • Quarterly

    Subscription per developer seat

    5.400 €*

    upgrades included

    opt. Support (SLA) 7.500 € **

  • Annually

    Subscription per developer seat

    18.000 €*

    upgrades included

    opt. Support (SLA) 35.000 € **

*excl. VAT / ** excl. VAT, independent from number of seats
  • What‘s included?

    You will have access to the most recent version of the Spryker Commerce OS core code. What is more, all patches and updates are included free of charge. You will have access to all documentation in the academy. As long as you pay for developer seats, you may use Spryker at your company.

  • Any extras?

    Optionally, you can buy a special Service Level Agreements (SLA) for quicker resolution of problems within set time frames. This depends on your project setup and preferences. We might be able to offer products and services which are not included in the Spryker Commerce OS core.

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