Capability Detail Back Office - Spryker

Back Office

The Spryker Commerce OS includes a powerful and user-friendly Administration Interface that allows you to manage all back office tasks with ease. Easily synchronize your OS with your ERP and other external systems to retrieve all your content pages, product and customer data and settings and preferences. The admin panel also enables you to customize and define your store’s appearance. Control who can access the Administration Interface and which tasks they can perform by defining custom user permissions and creating different user groups.

Relevant for

  • E-Commerce Manager

  • Customer Service

  • Legal

  • B2B

  • B2C

Business Value

Keep your back-end processes running efficiently, protect your data and administer all accounts.


  • Permission & ACL Management
  • Administration Interface Functionalities
  • Data Protection
  • Manage Customer Accounts
  • Firmenkonto Verwaltung
  • Dashboard