Capability Detail CMS - Spryker

CMS (Content Management System)

The Spryker Commerce OS offers a feature-rich content management system that allows you to provide the right content at the right place at the right time. The intuitive, user-friendly WYSIWYG editor interface enables you to flexibly create, edit, preview, draft and publish CMS pages, blocks and widgets. All CMS elements can be fully localized to support content creation for multiple stores. Easily create promotional campaigns by setting time restrictions for certain pages and blocks. To enhance the visibility of your shop, the Spryker Commerce OS comes with several SEO tools that enable you to define customized meta titles, keywords, meta descriptions and create search engine friendly URLs.

Relevant for

  • Marketing

  • E-Commerce Manager

  • B2B

  • B2C

Business Value

Provide compelling content and stories where your customers need it.


  • CMS Page
  • CMS Blocks
  • CMS Block Widget
  • Customizable CMS Templates
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Content Search
  • Multi Store Content Translations
  • Page Versioning
  • Time Restricted Content Page Publishing