Capability Detail Price - Spryker


Incorporate your pricing strategy into your Commerce OS effortlessly and save valuable time. The Spryker Commerce OS supports multiple currencies and automatically detects the currency based on a customer’s preference. Prices, as well as payment and shipping costs are converted accordingly. Easily manage gross and net prices per product, country and currency and specify if you wish to display the gross or net prices in your shop. Offer volume discounts to encourage customers to purchase products in larger quantities. Depending on your product portfolio, you can also offer your products in different measuring units, like weight or length, for example.

Relevant For

  • Category Manager

  • Sales

  • End-Customer

  • B2B

  • B2C

Business Value

Save time by implementing your pricing strategy in one place and cater it to your business needs.


  • Auto-Detect of Currency
  • Net & Gross Price Mode
  • Volume prices
  • Customer Specific Prices