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What does the Market say?

Thinking mobile-first

Retail sales via mobile will more than double in europe by 2021. (Forrester, 2018)

Mobile commerce in the us is predicted to double by 2020 and become a $250 bn market. (Forrester, 2015)

Smart saving with connected devices

By 2020 smart kitchens will contribute to 15% savings in the food and beverage industry. (Gartner, 2015)

Putting the customer into focus

By 2020 smart personalization engines will be able to increase profits by up to 15% for digital businesses. (Gartner, 2017)

2 out of 5 data analytics projects will address an aspect of customer experience by 2020. (Gartner, 2018)

Are you ready for the future?

Gear up and deliver an exceptional shopping experience with the cutting-edge Spryker Commerce OS

Ratings and Reviews

Drive your sales and support your customers to make a purchase decision by including user reviews and ratings. They are proven to be a sign of trust and allow brands to receive valuable feedback.

Enable your customers to assess your products via free-text reviews or star ratings and manage the reviews in the Administration Interface.

Touchpoint integrations

Deliver an easy and trouble-free shopping experience by connecting your Commerce OS to any kind of customer facing touchpoint.

Flexibly integrate multiple touchpoints, like IoT devices, such as smart fridges, that make shopping even more convenient for your customers.

Cross-sell and Upsell

Cater to your customers with a customized shopping experience by providing powerful product recommendations. Up- and cross-sell to the products your customers show interest in to maximize the average order value.

Offer upscale products or complementary goods to any item you are selling to maximize revenues, such as a higher priced wine or cookies that go well with a certain tea.

These Food & Beverages Brands Benefit from Spryker through

  • Greater Technology Ownership
  • Realizing Omnichannel strategies
  • Personalizing customer experience
  • Durst Spryker
  • Gourmondo Food Spryker

Your Spryker Benefits

  • Fully modular to support your individual business needs
  • Simple integration to third-party systems
  • Limitless scalability and agility for growth and new processes
  • High performance during even peak loads

The Spryker Commerce OS for Food & Beverages Businesses

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