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What does the Market say?

Innovative mobile search modes

Brands who optimize their websites to support visual and voice search are expected to increase their e-commerce revenue by 30% by 2021.  (Gartner, 2017)

The age of mobile-first

Retail sales via mobile will more than double in Europe by 2021. (Forrester, 2018)

Mobile commerce in the US is predicted to double by 2020 and become a $250 billion market. (Forrester, 2015)

Enhancing the browsing experience

Businesses using “Shop the Look” features have increased the average order size by 20%. (InData Labs, 2018)


Are you Ready for the Future?

Gear up and deliver an exceptional shopping experience with the cutting-edge Spryker Commerce OS.

Touchpoint integration

Reach your customers wherever they shop. Close sales more easily by connecting your Commerce OS to any kind of customer facing touch point.

Flexibly integrate multiple touch points, like an app with image search capabilities to enhance their search experience.

Responsive Design

Create stunning experiences with high-end responsive layouts. These are optimized for all mobile devices and allow your customers to access your shop anywhere, any time.

Offer a seamless shopping experience on a smartphone, tablet or any other device.

Product Sets

Inspire your customers with Shop-the-Look collections. Create dedicated product sets to let your customers search and shop outfits by style, color or any other relevant characteristic.

Group together several items and let your customers shop for matching pieces of a precomposed outfit.

These Fashion Brands Benefit from Spryker through

  • Greater Technology Ownership
  • Realizing Omnichannel strategies
  • Personalizing customer experience

Your Spryker Benefits

  • Fully modular to support your individual business needs
  • Simple integration to third-party systems
  • Limitless scalability and agility for growth and new processes
  • High performance during even peak loads

The Spryker Commerce OS for Fashion Businesses

See a list of features that make powerful fashion e-commerce. Get an insight into what business value Spryker can help generate.

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