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What does the Market say?

Personalizing the experience

Digital businesses will be able to increase their profits by up 15% with smart personalization engines by 2020. (Gartner, 2017)

Converging of digital and physical channels

81% users compare prices online before purchasing. (Pragma, 2016)

The virtual showroom

By 2025 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality retail software will generate US$1.6 bn in revenue. (Goldman Sachs, 2016)

Are your Ready for the Future?

Gear up and deliver an exceptional shopping experience with the cutting-edge Spryker Commerce OS.

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Deliver a rich and more personalized shopping experience by providing powerful product recommendations. Increase average order values through up- and cross-selling the products your customers are looking at.

Offer alternative upscale products or additional accessories and fixtures to any item you are selling to maximize revenues, such as a higher priced sofa and matching pillows.

Touchpoint Integration

Simplify your customer’s shopping experience for complex purchases by connecting your Commerce OS to any kind of customer-facing touchpoint to help reach your customers wherever they may be.

Flexibly integrate multiple touch points, like a mobile AR app to help customers visualize your products in their home.

Filters & Search by Category

Enable your customers to navigate through your product range with ease, even if you have a large offering. Create a customized set of filters and define which ones to show or to hide by product category.

Foster relevant and fast search results, customize filters by furniture category page and include or omit specific options, such as the type of wood for beds.

These Furniture & DIY Brands Benefit from Spryker through

  • Greater Technology Ownership
  • Realizing Omnichannel strategies
  • Personalizing customer experience

Your Spryker Benefits

  • Fully modular to support your individual business needs
  • Simple integration to third-party systems
  • Limitless scalability and agility for growth and new processes
  • High performance during even peak loads

The Spryker Commerce OS for Home, Living & DIY Businesses

See a list of features that make powerful Home, Living & DIY e-commerce. Get an insight into what business value Spryker can help generate.

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