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What does the Market say?

Rethink the sales processes

For reordering, 86% of the B2B buyers favor self-service tools over communicating with a sales representative. (McKinsey, 2017)

1/3 of all B2B sellers will make use of AI to enhance at least one of their sales processes by 2020. (Gartner, 2018)

Dynamic personalization

Leads exposed to targeted content produce an increase in sales opportunities of over 20% . (Forrester, 2014)

Digital businesses will be able to increase their profits by up to 15% with smart personalization engines by 2020. (Gartner, 2017)

Enhance the online experience

98% of global B2B buyers do at least some online research before making a work-related purchase. (Forrester Consulting & Accenture Digital, 2015)

Customers using digital channels account for 70% of B2B revenue. (Forrester Consulting & Accenture Digital, 2015)

Are you Ready for the Future?

Gear up and deliver an exceptional shopping experience with the cutting-edge Spryker Commerce OS.

Product Management

The powerful Spryker PIM allows you to create a fully customized and detailed product catalog with category hierarchies that match your business needs.

Recommend products, create an abundance of attributes and filters, and ease your customer’s shopping experience.


Customer Segmentation

Personalize your customer’s experience through customized product selections and promotions to increase engagement and boost loyalty.

Assign a customer to a predefined group with a simple check of a box. Use the segmentation for targeting or to limit access to a product or category.

Ecosystem Integrations

Integrate your Commerce OS with your analytics to have all your data in one place, streamlining your operations and allowing your staff to access your data for real-time insights.

Easily connect performance tools like Data Virtuality, Styla, Econda and several more with your store.

These Wholesale Brands Benefit from Spryker through

  • Greater Technology Ownership
  • Personalizing customer experience

Your Spryker Benefits

  • Fully modular to support your individual business needs
  • Simple integration to third-party systems
  • Limitless scalability and agility for growth and new processes
  • High performance during even peak loads

The Spryker Commerce OS for Wholesale Businesses

See a list of features that make powerful wholesale e-commerce. Get an insight into what business value Spryker can help generate.

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