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For manufacturers, especially in the B2B environment, digital commerce means more than simply providing an online store. It also stands for the development of a clear business model, reorganization of traditional sales channels and the establishment of new operational capabilities to meet modern customer expectations.

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5 Winning Digital Strategies For B2B Manufacturing

In the fast-changing world of manufacturing, reduced operational expenses, increased efficiency, and organic market share growth are at the top of every decision-makers list.

Customize, scale, and win with these 5 practical approaches.

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Spryker for Medical Technology

Digital Commerce in Medical Technology

The healthcare sector is quickly going through a digital transformation. Many Medical Technology companies have been employing telesales to sell medical devices or pharmaceuticals since the 1990s, which saw a drop in market share due to digitalization and increasingly tech-savvy competition. Buyers in the MedTech B2B space increasingly expect an easy, online experience on any device, mirroring their journey when shopping for personal products.

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Spryker for CPG/FMCG

Digital Commerce in CPG/FMCG

Digital commerce for manufacturers of consumer goods means a variety of opportunities and changes. The key to a successful business is the customer, and digitalization is redefining the roles and expectations of the seller and the customer. Subscription models, omnichannel approaches, and click & collect are just a few of the many trends that drive the unprecedented convenience of a digital customer journey. And the advance of technology makes it easier than ever for CPG / FMCG manufacturers to connect with customers directly through D2C e-commerce solutions.

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Spryker for Automotive

Digital Commerce in Automotive

The automotive industry is experiencing constant disruption. From electric or hybrid cars, and in-vehicle commerce, to connected cars, spare parts sales, and everything in between. Automotive manufacturers require cutting-edge digital solutions to leverage their data and maximize on the limitless potential of connected mobility.

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Spryker for Industrial Goods

Digital Commerce in Industrial Goods

Industrial goods manufacturers need to automate numerous processes to ensure consistency, effective inventory control, simplified order management, optimized storage space, and improved production. B2B clients, like B2C customers, expect personalized, omnichannel experiences that are easily accessible and increased speed, accuracy, as well as agility are in high demand.

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Spryker for Computer & Electronics

Digital Commerce in Computer & Electronics

The ability to enable customers and merchants to purchase and sell globally without a mediator can open up new avenues for electronic component trade and product transparency across the entire sector. The computer and electronics industry requires extensive industry knowledge including a technology and customer-centric approach to develop its operations.

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