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Enhancing User Experience with Performance at the Core

Spryker agency partner superReal shares their view on how a business can drive user experience (UX) with performance as a central subject to UX...

“Greedy” Onboarding of Developers Doesn’t pay the Bill

Onboarding new hires in development is always a challenge, as business goes on as usual while having to introduce a newbie to a usually complex...

19 June 2018 /
Karoly Gerner
Karoly Gerner
Senior PHP developer

Wie sieht wohl die Zukunft der digitalen Apotheke aus?

Der gesamte Pharma-Markt ist in einer sehr dynamischen Entwicklung. Apotheken müssen dabei verstärkt auf neue und digitale Kundenbedürfnisse...

14 June 2018 /
Dorothee Thomsen
Dorothee Thomsen
Content Marketing Manager

How about Having a Robot in Your Team?

Are you looking for a way to have happy users, while saving time during development & testing? Automated testing can become your key to achieving...

07 June 2018 /

Die Blockchain: So revolutionieren Bitcoin und Ethereum den E-Commerce

Wertvoller als Gold soll sie sein, die Blockchain. Sie basiert auf dezentralen, transparenten Prozessen, die wesentliche Vorteile gegenüber...

31 May 2018 /
Joshua Bicker
Joshua Bicker

Are You Ready for GDPR?

This month’s buzzword is hands-down GDPR. Everyone is preparing for the impending May the 25th cutoff date where liability for data protection...

22 May 2018 /
Mikhail Ostapenko
Mikhail Ostapenko
Lead Product Owner

Are Chatbots your Next Best Acquisition and Retention Channel?

90 percent of our time on mobile phones is spent on email and messaging platforms.Leading messenger service Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion...

23 April 2018 /
Loana Junge
Loana Junge
Product Marketing Manager

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