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Enhance Your Offering with Complimentary Products

A limited product offering is not able to satisfy all customer’s needs. Gain trust and attract more customers by adding third-party complimentary products to your marketplace with minimal investment.

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  • Challenges
  • Business Outcomes
  • Spryker Capabilities
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Online Marketplaces

Customers always welcome solutions that will bring convenience to them while shopping.

Marketplaces are online platforms where sellers and buyers converge to offer and purchase a number of products. Onboarding third-party suppliers with complimentary product lines increases convenience for your customers who have the chance to order a wide variety of products from one single source.

Ultimately, it is convenient for your business, as inventory management, logistics, and delivery are up to the merchants, and you will end up with a richer portfolio but Limited inventory risk.

Enhance Your Offering

Challenges Addressed by Complimentary Products

Enhancing your offering with complimentary products allows you to finally overcome long existing problems and grow in a healthy way.

Customer Needs

Satisfy all customer needs with a rich product offering and retain a close customer relationship.

Customer Insights

More product variety means more customers, and therefore improved and more complete customer insights.


A rich range of complimentary products allows for personalized offers for customers.

The Business Outcome of
Complimentary Products

Adding complimentary products to your marketplace will grow and diversify your overall product assortment, while fostering more customer satisfaction due to complete and convenient solutions. Find out about more benefits and business outcomes below.

  • Enhance Your Offering

    The One-stop-shop Perks

    With an easy onboarding process of third-party the new service and product assortment lead to a quickly growing customer base. Each organization keeps their existing fulfillment and supply chain processes, with minimal additional costs for the operator.

  • Enhance Your Offering

    Increased Share of Wallet and Customer Lifetime Value

    Offer more complete solutions instead of a series of products and finally meet customer demand for every product they need.

  • Enhance Your Offering

    Increased Revenue

    New products increase overall sales potential and create up-selling opportunities. New cross-selling opportunities are available, as external products can enhance and complement an initial purchase.

  • Enhance Your Offering

    Leverage Merchants

    Diversification and portfolio enrichment with limited inventory risk, as merchants take care of investing in and stocking the inventory. Merchants also take care of logistics and last-mile delivery behind the scenes.

  • Enhance Your Offering
  • Enhance Your Offering
  • Enhance Your Offering
  • Enhance Your Offering


The Spryker Solution

Spryker Capabilities

  • Marketplace storefront
  • Merchant Portal
  • Operator Back Office
  • Product & Offer Management/li>
  • Merchant Profiles

Enabling Services

Calibration Session:

  • Marketplace Business Model
  • Strategy Workshop
  • Assortment Analysis
  • Merchant Onboarding Coaching
  • Marketplace Go-to-Market Planning

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