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How Business Leaders Benefit from Digital Transformation

Digital commerce can be a game-changer for all employees in the business, from sales and marketing to customer service and operations.

By embracing the right technological integrations, non-tech employees gain the power to participate in decision-making and actively contribute to creating amazing customer experiences, driving their company’s success in the ever-evolving world of digital commerce.

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Addressing Digital Commerce Challenges
for Business Leaders

Changing User Expectations

Personalization, self-service portals, always-on customer care; Users are demanding B2C experiences even in B2B settings, often solved with digital integrations.

Reliance on Tech Colleagues

Unintuitive and non-user-friendly tech integrations can leave business personnel with limited control over their company's platform and reliant on tech colleagues to implement new business ideas.


Advancements in technology bring disruptive new competitors and new business models, such as Marketplaces. Staying competitive in such a landscape requires continuous innovation, differentiation, flexibility, and a deep understanding of customer needs.

Uncertain Business Environment

With the business landscape less predictable than ever, agility and flexibility, provided by approaches such as composability, are essential for companies remaining competitive.

"By 2025, 75% of Business leaders will leverage digital platforms and ecosystem capabilities to adapt their value chains to new markets."

- IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Transformation Predictions

Digital Transformation

Key Considerations for Business Leaders

Time to

Short testing cycles, lean systems and highly efficient development mean quicker market entry

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Total Cost of Ownership

Best-of-breed composable product set-up makes monolithic and costly technologies a thing of the past

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Return on

PBCs not only reduce complexity, but also increase your ROI, fosters collaboration and significant value to your business.

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Better business outcomes with Spryker

Learn how Spryker can help Business Leaders like you

Whether Enterprise Marketplace, B2B, Unified Commerce or B2C. Build transactional capabilities for a new business, innovate, or bring an existing platform to the next level with Spryker.

  • Starting Out

    Develop your unique digital commerce platform completely from scratch with our intuitive B2B, Enterprise Marketplaces, D2C, or B2C offerings with expert guidance from start to finish.

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  • Replatform and Modernize

    Whatever your business model, migrate your platform over to Spryker for a seamless transition that decreases your TCO and gives you full flexibility and scalability today and in the future.

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  • Innovate and Expand

    Whether it’s Enterprise Marketplace, IoT Commerce, B2B, or Subscriptions, Spryker allows you to constantly innovate and iterate new services as your business evolves.

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Your Industry - Our Expertise

Business Leaders Innovating with Spryker

Success speaks for itself. Just ask our customers.

See what successful Business Leaders like you have to say about Spryker’s Commerce Capabilities

Spryker powered ROSE Bikes to achieve 100% online sales growth with their MVP online shop

YoY Online Sales
Faster Page Load

"The old shop was getting a bit long in the tooth and the release cycles were becoming longer and longer. This was causing an increasing backlog of projects. Content commerce was not possible, the mobile conversion was not satisfactory and the loading times were no longer up-to-date. So we started looking for a new solution."

Thorsten Heckrath-Rose CEO
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ESA increased customer centricity and revenue with Spryker


"Mechanics often have dirty hands and fingers, and so ordering processes on computers is certainly not ideal in this case. With the option of completing orders via voice commands, we want to accommodate our customers in their everyday business."

Gérard Georges Division Manager Marketing & Business Development
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With Spryker, Hilti is able to launch new online shops in various countries within a short period of time

Spryker Shops
€ Annual Revenue

"With Spryker, we are able to offer our online shops securely and reliably worldwide - lean, scalable and with the option of integrating different currencies and languages."

Jean-Pierre Honein Head of Sub-Region Hilti
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