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  • SDVerse Leverages Spryker to Drive the Future of Software-Defined Vehicles

    A large white truck with a trailer is driving on a highway at sunset. The sky is a gradient of blue and orange, and the road stretches into the distance with cars in the far lanes. Open fields and distant trees line the sides of the highway.

    June 2024 | Customer News

    SDVerse, backed by General Motors, Magna, and Wipro, has chosen Spryker to power its global marketplace for buying and selling automotive software. The first-of-its-kind platform will revolutionize the automotive software industry and accelerate the innovation and adoption of software-defined vehicles.


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  • Spryker Opens its Platform and Ushers in a New Era of Ecosystem-Driven Innovation

    A man sits in a conference room using a laptop and headphones for a video call with the Spryker CMO, who is visible on a wall-mounted screen.

    April 2024 | Spryker News

    Spryker has open-sourced Oryx Frontend Framework and opened the Spryker platform for contributions. Enhancements have also been made to App Composition Platform and Enterprise Marketplace. These and other updates will accelerate platform innovation and enable global enterprise customers to drive important efficiencies for their businesses.


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  • Spryker Appoints New Global Chief Revenue Officer

    A middle-aged man with a beard and wavy hair is smiling while wearing a navy blue blazer over a white t-shirt. He is standing indoors in front of large windows, with natural light illuminating the space behind him.

    April 2024 | Spryker News

    Spryker has appointed US-based Dustin Deno as the new global Chief Revenue Officer. Dustin will expand Spryker’s ecosystem-led growth, drive direct revenue, and lead global sales execution. His strong background in digital commerce sales, US-based network, and focus on artificial intelligence will enable Spryker to take value based sales execution to the next level.



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  • Spryker Expands App Composition Platform with Stripe as its Global Payment Services Provider

    A person holds a smartphone displaying a shopping cart app with a "Buy Now" button and a notification showing two items. The phone is held in front of an open laptop, with the screen showing an email inbox. A computer mouse is placed beside the laptop.

    April 2024 | Partner News

    Stripe is now available on the Spryker App Composition Platform. With just a few clicks, enterprises can seamlessly facilitate business with customers around the world. The Stripe integration enables faster go-to-market in new regions, frees up developer resources for other business priorities, and simplifies internal financial processes. 


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  • PFERD Launches Global Composable Commerce Platform Powered by Spryker

    A person wearing an orange plaid shirt, blue overalls, and orange gloves is picking a metal pipe from a shelf in a workshop. The shelves are filled with various metal pipes and fittings.

    February 2024 | Customer News

    Spryker and diva-e have partnered to enable PFERD to launch its first global unified commerce platform. The new online shop and customer interaction portal are central solutions to accomplishing PFERD’s broader business goals including increased revenue, improved customer experience, and reduced manual processes.


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  • Spryker Exhibits New Automotive Buying Experience at CES® 2024 and Achieves AWS Automotive Competency

    A row of white electric cars is parked at a charging station, each connected to a charging cable. The background shows a sunny day with trees and buildings, and a parking sign is visible.

    January 2024 | Partner News

    Spryker and AWS have furthered their automotive collaboration. Together, they will attend CES 2024 and demo a seamless automotive customer journey powered by composable commerce technology. Spryker has also achieved the AWS Automotive Competency, demonstrating Spryker’s expertise in digital transformation for automotive customers.


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  • Meusburger Launches New Digital Commerce Platform with TOWA and Spryker

    Two workers wearing safety helmets, one in blue and the other in yellow, stand in a large warehouse filled with machinery parts. They are looking at a tablet and discussing something. Shelves stocked with various metal components and engines are visible around them.

    December 2023 | Customer News

    Meusburger, a leading European manufacturer, has launched it’s new digital commerce platform in partnership with TOWA and Spryker. Meusburger has been active in digital commerce for over 20 years and today processes over 53% of its orders via it’s online shop and digital services. This project will enable Meusburger to continue to set digital standards in the industry.


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  • Bloomreach Partners with Spryker to Unlock a New Level of Composable Commerce

    A person in a brown sweater is gesturing with hands while talking to another individual who is wearing glasses and facing them, potentially discussing Spryker CMO strategies. A laptop with an open webpage is visible in the foreground.

    December 2023 | Partner News

    With the partnership, Bloomreach users will be able to leverage Spryker’s composable, API based functionalities to constantly improve its digital and marketplace experience. From content management and product discovery to customer engagement, Spryker’s deep market knowledge will provide Bloomreach business users with the tools and support needed to achieve true personalization and capture revenue.


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  • Spryker Appoints New CMO

    A man with short gray hair, identified as the Spryker CMO, stands on a balcony overlooking a cityscape with historic buildings and a blue sky with scattered clouds.

    December 2023 | Spryker News

    Anton van Deth will join the Spryker executive team as Chief Marketing Officer. Anton’s strong product and revenue marketing background, experience connecting with an international audience, passion for partner marketing, and deep interest in AI will enable Spryker to continue to grow their global presence and increase efficiency.


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  • Spryker Announces Product Updates to Increase Efficiency for Enterprises

    A person using a smartphone and a laptop simultaneously at a round table. The laptop screen displays a Trevipay spreadsheet with product availability data.

    November 2023 | Spryker News

    Spryker announced a number of product updates that are focused on increasing business efficiency, saving development time, and enabling a more tailored user experience for global customers in a rapidly changing landscape. These updates are the latest in Spryker’s commitment to enabling business efficiency and sophisticated digital innovation for global enterprise customers.


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  • Spryker Partners with Vertex to Integrate Tax and Compliance Solutions for Global Customers

    Person participating in a video conference from a small meeting room with a round table, chairs, multiple hanging lights, and Trevipay solutions enhancing the business discussion.

    November 2023 | Partner News

    Spryker and Vertex have partnered to offer integrate tax solutions. The partnership will see Vertex’s services offered through Spryker’s App Composition Platform, simplifying the process of complying with local tax jurisdictions in more than 19,000 jurisdictions worldwide. Joint customers can add Vertex’s app to their existing digital commerce operations with just a few clicks, simplifying the process of integration and accelerating time to value.



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  • Volta Trucks Drives Innovation in a Disruptive Industry with Spryker

    A person loads cardboard boxes into the back of a Volta Trucks' Zero electric delivery truck parked at a building's loading bay on a city street.

    September 2023 | Customer News

    Spryker and Volta Trucks, the Truck-as-a-Service disruptor, will create a composable commerce platform built for the future. In partnership with AWS, the platform will enable Volta Trucks to simplify customer experience and implement automation. Exclusively working with emission free vehicles, the collaboration will create new business models that contribute to a more sustainable future of mobility.



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  • Spryker Recognized as a Visionary in 2023 Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce

    Two people stand at a high table in the Trevipay office, each with a laptop. They are smiling and engaged in conversation.

    August 2023 | Spryker News

    Spryker has been recognized by Gartner® as a Visionary in the 2023 Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce. 2023 marks Spryker’s fourth consecutive inclusion in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce, and its third as a Visionary. The evaluation was based on specific criteria that analyzed the company’s overall Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute.



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  • Spryker Attracts Top Fortune One Executive to Board

    Frosted glass panel with an antelope logo in an office hallway; a person is blurred in the background, adding a touch of modern professionalism to the Trevipay headquarters.

    August 2023 | Spryker News

    Anthony Soohoo, entrepreneur and former Executive Vice President at Walmart Inc., has joined the Spryker board. Anthony’s extensive leadership experience driving performance and innovation at scale will be invaluable to Spryker as it looks toward its next phase of growth. The collaboration will enable Spryker to continue to lead in the composable commerce space and accelerate ambitious AI-first initiatives.



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  • Spryker Earns Four Gold Medals in the Paradigm B2B Report, Solidifying Its Position as a Leader in Enterprise B2B Commerce

    A woman participates in a Trevipay video conference at a round table with a laptop in a modern office, while a man works at a desk in the background.

    July 2023 | Spryker News

    Spryker received four gold medals, one more than the previous year, further cementing its status as a frontrunner in the global enterprise commerce space. This recognition demonstrates Spryker’s unwavering commitment to enable their customers with innovative and cost-efficient technology to drive business value.



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  • Spryker and Stripe Enter Strategic Partnership

    A bearded man in a black shirt sits on a green couch using a laptop, smiling at the camera. Trevipay solutions might just be making his day.

    June 2023 | Partner News

    Spryker and Stripe are entering a strategic partnership. The combination of the solutions will provide the two companies’ customers with an even better technology infrastructure and foundation for new business models such as marketplaces, subscription services and Functions as a Service (FaaS).



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  • Fluent Commerce Joins Forces with Spryker to Aid Expansion

    Frosted glass with a geometric animal logo in the foreground, blurred background featuring a bonsai tree on a black pedestal inside CriticalRiver's office space.

    June 2023 | Partner News

    Fluent Commerce and Spryker will together drive modern commerce solutions to enable innovative business transformations and help elevate customer experiences with brands. Both companies also partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable the speed and scale of these transformations.



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  • Spryker and Critical River Announce Partnership to Help Merchants Achieve Business Growth Through Advanced eCommerce Solutions

    Two people sit and converse in a CriticalRiver office setting, one holding a coffee mug. They are seated on chairs around a low table, with a window in the background and a whiteboard on the wall.

    May 2023 | Partner News

    Spryker and CriticalRiver have joined forces to enable CriticalRiver to expand its eCommerce capabilities, providing headless and composable commerce solutions to B2B and B2C clients worldwide. This partnership marks a significant milestone in delivering cutting-edge eCommerce solutions to clients globally.



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  • Spryker and TreviPay Enter Strategic Partnership to Offer More Payment Choices for Global B2B Sellers and Marketplaces

    Three people work at a table with two laptops and a phone, immersed in delivering Composable Value Services. One person points at a screen while the others concentrate on their devices.

    May 2023 | Partner News

    TreviPay and Spryker have today announced their partnership at B2B Online Chicago 2023 to integrate TreviPay’s global B2B payments and invoicing network into Spryker’s digital commerce and marketplace platform. Merchants can now implement TreviPay within the Spryker digital commerce platform to integrate net terms and automate invoicing to help future-proof digital payment experiences and build B2B loyalty.



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  • Spryker and Publicis Sapient Announce Composability Enabling Partnership

    Four people are sitting at a conference table in a modern Publicis Sapient office with a large window and glass door. They are working on laptops with sticky notes on a whiteboard in the background.

    March 2023 | Partner News

    Spryker will combine its composable commerce platform with Publicis Sapient’s deep expertise in delivering enterprise-scale digital experience to make composability for enterprises more accessible. This investment in composable commerce helps enterprises move away from monolithic platforms, accelerate digital business transformation, and deliver exceptional digital commerce experiences.



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  • Spryker Launches Composable Value Services to Unlock Value of Composable Commerce

    A glowing diagram depicts a hand holding hexagons and an upward arrow, surrounded by icons such as rockets, a brain, and gears on a dark background, similar to the dynamic visuals often found in press releases.

    February 2023 | Spryker News

    Spryker has launched its Composable Value Services available to all Spryker customers. The new set of tools and services will empower enterprises to get more from their composable commerce investments, ensure faster ROI, and accelerate their timeline from adoption to achieving business outcomes.


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  • Spryker Announces Top Leadership Movement

    Two people sit at a table in a modern office space, engaged in conversation about leadership strategies. The foreground features glass walls with abstract designs and blurred reflections, subtly capturing the dynamic movement of the bustling environment.

    February 2023 | Spryker News

    Spryker has appointed industry leaders aligned with its strong partner centricity and growing global customer base. Charla Session-Reed is the new VP of Global Partner Marketing, Elena Leonova has been promoted to SVP of Product, and Eric Schreiner has been promoted to Chief Customer Officer.


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  • Spryker to Lead Digital Transformation for World’s Largest Franchise Pool Service Brand

    Two people sitting at computer desks in a modern office with large windows, discussing something on a screen showcasing Poolwerx services.

    January 2023 | Customer News

    Spryker has announced that it has been chosen by Poolwerx, the world’s largest franchise pool service brand, to lead their digital transformation initiative. Poolwerx is using Spryker’s solution to connect their digital and retail store experience through an omnichannel marketplace solution, which will enable commerce across the entirety of their network.


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  • Automation Specialist, Turck, Chooses Spryker to Enable Seamless Ecommerce Experience for Customers

    Person sits at a circular table with a laptop on a video call, discussing press releases in a modern office, while another person works at a desk in the background.

    December 2022 | Customer News

    Spryker, with the support of Turbine Kreuzberg, will help Turck to bring more products online and allow customers to order seamlessly from a central location. Together, the partners are establishing a unified global sales and service platform to further strengthen Turck’s global distribution network spanning more than 30 national subsidiaries.


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  • ALDI U.S. and Spryker: Joint Development of Digital Commerce Platform

    A person in a red vest is holding a wooden crate filled with assorted groceries from Aldi US, including bread, fresh vegetables, and packaged items.

    October 2022 | Spryker News

    ALDI U.S. and Spryker have been working together to develop a new online food & grocery shopping experience for the US market, offering grocery delivery or curbside pickup for ALDI U.S. shoppers.


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  • Spryker Research Finds Almost Two Thirds of Australian Consumers Order Groceries Online, With 10% Doing Most or All of Their Food Shopping via the Internet

    A hand holds a smartphone with various foods, such as fruits, vegetables, sushi, and fries, appearing to spill out of the screen against an orange background – showcasing the vibrant selection available at an Australian online grocery.

    October 2022 | Spryker News

    Spryker’s Australian Online Grocery Report 2022, conducted in partnership with Appinio, found that almost half – 48% – of Australians buy at least some of their groceries online, with 10% now ordering most or all of their groceries via the internet. In total, 23% of Australian household food budgets is now spent ordering online.


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  • Spryker Partners With Business Intelligence Solution to Enable Data-Driven Decision Making

    Two people sit on couches facing each other while working on laptops in a bright, modern office space with large windows, collaborating seamlessly as minubo partners.

    September 2022 | Partner News

    Spryker is partnering with minubo, which offers all-in-one, ready-to-use business intelligence specifically designed for ecommerce. The partnership joins together commerce intelligence and composability to offer a simple and scalable way to achieve company wide holistic data transparency.

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  • Spryker Recognized as a Visionary in 2022 Magic Quadrant™ For Digital Commerce

    Three people are engaged in a meeting around a table with laptops. Two men and one woman, discussing their company's impressive positioning in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, are smiling and talking in a modern office setting.

    August 2022 | Spryker News

    Spryker, a leading digital commerce platform for Sophisticated Commerce use cases in B2B, Enterprise Marketplaces, IoT and Unified Commerce, has been recognized by Gartner® as a Visionary in the 2022 Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce. It is Spryker’s third consecutive inclusion in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce.


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  • Spryker to Develop New Digital B2B Buying Experience for Leading Global Pump Manufacturer

    Spryker office

    July 2022 | Customer News

    Wilo, one of the world’s leading premium providers of pumps and pump systems for the building services, water management and industrial sectors, has chosen Spryker to develop a completely digital B2B purchasing experience for their global customers. Spryker, with help from diva-e, will build a state-of-the-art customer experience to help support the Wilo Group’s goal of a more sustainable future.

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  • Spryker Research Finds 60% of UK Consumers Now Order Groceries Online, With 16% Doing Most of Their Food Shopping via the Internet

    UK Efood report header

    June 2022 | Spryker News

    Spryker, in partnership with Appinio, has launched its UK Online Grocery Report 2022 which surveyed consumers from across the UK on their experiences and opinions of grocery shopping. The research finds that more than half (60%) of consumers buy at least some of their groceries online, with 16% now ordering all or most of their groceries via the internet.

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  • Spryker App Composition Platform Accelerates Industry Transition Towards True Composable Commerce

    Black tiles with ecommerce app icons

    May 2022 | Spryker News

    Spryker has released a new version of its App Composition Platform at Spryker EXCITE 2022. The new “App Store” enables a revolutionary approach to composable commerce for enterprises that slashes integration time, radically reduces costs, and helps businesses to adapt and differentiate.

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  • Spryker Recognized in Leading Analyst Report

    Woman at a Spryker office meeting room

    May 2022 | Spryker News

    Spryker announced its inclusion in The Forrester Wave: B2B Commerce Solutions, Q2 2022 report. As a first time entrant, Spryker was identified as a “Strong Performer.” This is the latest in a line of recent analyst recognitions as Spryker continues its rapid ascension into the top-tier of modern enterprise commerce platforms.

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  • Spryker Featured in Emerce100 for the Third Year in a Row

    Two individuals are working at a high table in a modern office, Emerce100 recognition proudly displayed on the wall. Both are using laptops and appear engaged in conversation. The woman is smiling, and they are surrounded by contemporary office furniture.

    May 2022 | Spryker News

    Spryker has announced its inclusion in the Emerce100 rankings 2022. The recognition demonstrates the latest achievements for the composable commerce companies’ growing Benelux presence and international expansion. The Emerce100 list, which includes the best companies in e-business, helps clients and agencies select the best solutions and services providers in the market.

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  • Spryker announces Raizor as first APAC customer

    A man wearing glasses and a white shirt sits by a window with a cityscape view, holding and reading a Spryker Raizor folder.

    April 2022 | Customer News

    Spryker has announced that Raizor has chosen Spryker to spearhead the development of their online marketplaces. Spryker, with support from Solution Partner Logic, will develop best of breed intuitive commerce experiences to enable Raizor’s growing digital commerce business.

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  • Spryker partners with DIGIU to bring sophisticated digital commerce initiatives to Spain

    Online shopping concept

    January 2022 | Partner News

    Spryker has announced a new strategic partnership with DIGIU, a digital experience agency based in Spain. The partnership will see DIGIU offering Spryker’s unique composable commerce model to customers across the Iberia region. DIGIU is Spryker’s first partner in Spain and opens future opportunities in Latin America, where DIGIU also has offices.

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  • Spryker continues to receive broad industry analyst recognition from top-tier firms

    A woman wearing glasses and a blue shirt sits at a desk with a computer, smiling and clasping her hands, while wearing earphones. Shelves filled with books, including several Forrester publications, are visible in the background.

    January 2022 | Spryker News

    Forrester has included Spryker as a player in both their B2B and B2C Now Tech reports which analyze commerce solutions for business leaders. According to the reports, retail spending in the U.S. online grew 30% in 2020, nearly double compared to recent years.

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  • More Than a Fifth of Americans Expect to Do Most or All Grocery Shopping Online by 2024

    Press Release Online Grocery

    December 2021 | Spryker News

    The U.S. Online Grocery Report 2022 found that almost half (47%) of Americans buy at least some of their groceries online. Conducted in partnership with Spryker by market research firm Appinio, the report highlights the need for U.S. grocers to improve online experiences and growth opportunities for quick delivery brands.

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  • Spryker and T-Systems MMS partner to deliver sophisticated solutions to empower businesses in digital commerce age

    Two business professionals shaking hands over a desk with documents, a calculator, laptop, and tablet in view, as if finalizing press releases. Sunlight streams through the window in the background.

    November 2021 | Partner News

    Today, Spryker Systems, the fastest-growing enterprise digital commerce platform for B2B, B2C, Enterprise Marketplaces and Unified Commerce, has announced a new strategic partnership with T-Systems Multimedia Solutions (MMS). 

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  • Digital Commerce Leader Elena Leonova Joins Spryker to Accelerate Innovation and Composable New-Gen Commerce Platform

    A person with long brown hair and a black blazer stands, arms crossed, in a bright, modern office with large windows. They exude confidence, ready to tackle the day's tasks and craft compelling press releases.

    November 2021 | Spryker News

    Elena Leonova has been appointed as Spryker’s new, global VP of Product. Elena brings to the role more than 10 years’ experience at the cutting edge of e-commerce: at Magento, the world’s leading open-source e-commerce platform, and at BigCommerce. Elena is the latest high-profile addition to the expanding US team of Spryker.

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  • Spryker Hires Recognised Community Leader and Commerce Expert as Market Momentum Accelerates

    A man with a beard and mustache, wearing a black Spyker t-shirt, smiles in front of a dark, geometric background, looking like he's just finished giving one of his exciting press releases.

    November 2021 | Spryker News

    Spryker Systems, the e-commerce leader enabling enterprises to become digital pioneers across B2B and online marketplaces, has confirmed Guido Jansen is coming on board as its global business and technology evangelist to build out a new global Spryker connected community of partners and customers.

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