Spryker Code Upgrader

Save time, money, and resources by reducing upgrade & maintenance efforts by up to 72%.

Thanks to its simple, no-nonsense approach to continuous software upgrades, Spryker Code Upgrader enables your developers to use their time more wisely. By reducing time spent on upgrades, developers can focus on higher-level tasks crucial to your business.

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Benefits for Every Business

With Spryker Code Upgrader you will directly benefit from:


Optimize Platform Health and Security

Benefit the health and security of your platform overall with consistent, continuous upgrade suggestions.

Avoid Potentially Conflicting Code

Spryker's releases detect potential conflicts with your existing project code, flagging those found before a release is applied


Releases include multiple modules, meaning teams implement faster with features fully installed. Updates are also received in chronological order.

Save Time and Developer Resources

Minors and patches are offered as suggestions, reducing upgrade efforts by approximately 72% and saving your development team around 60 days in development time annually.*

Minimize Opportunity for Errors

All updates come with guidance as to how they should be applied, minimizing the opportunity for errors and further speeding up team efforts. Your project code is adapted efficiently to integrate the release seamlessly.

*Figures from Spryker internal data. Based on Spryker releases for 12 months up to October 2023.

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