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E-commerce and Digital Transformation for IT Leaders

As technology transforms the retail and manufacturing landscape, Chief Technology Officers play a crucial role in embracing new solutions to steer their organizations towards commercial success.

Understanding best practices for e-commerce is crucial for CTOs & IT Leaders to make informed decisions about technological investments and drive business growth.

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Addressing Digital Commerce Challenges for IT Leaders

Increasing Customer Expectations

Whatever your business model, customers at all stages of the supply chain are expecting a B2C-like experience facilitated by digital solutions.

Deficit of Tech

With tech talent at a premium, low-code and no-code solutions, such as Spryker App Composition Platform, are becoming necessities for effective business.

The Need to Centralize Processes

Tech is introduced to solve individual challenges, but can result in a sprawling ecosystem with no centralized control. Unify this through one Spryker platform.

Unpredictable Business Landscapes

Flexibility and agility are more essential than ever before, with composable approaches to business becoming crucial to remain competitive.

"By 2025, 75% of IT leaders will leverage digital platforms and ecosystem capabilities to adapt their value chains to new markets."

- IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Transformation 2021 Predictions

Digital Transformation

Key Considerations for IT Leaders

Scalability and Flexibility

Helping your business tackle any eventuality, companies can become future-proof with the right levels of flexibility and scalability.

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Increasing customer expectations require audience-friendly, intuitive interactions that offer the solutions and features customers expect.

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Technology Infrastructure

Overall, the technology infrastructure that underpins your platform must provide solutions out-of-the-box with the customizability to cater to your business-specific needs.

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Better business outcomes with Spryker

Learn how Spryker can help IT Leaders like you

Spryker provides a range of digital solutions out-of-the-box to help centralize, scale, and future-proof e-commerce and manufacturing.

  • Composed but Composable

    Spryker offers solutions to a variety of out-of-the-box use cases whilst offering composability to satisfy the business processes essential to your success.

    Read about Packaged Business Capabilities
  • Flexible and Future-Proof

    Spryker's composable platform offers your company the flexibility needed in an unpredictable business landscape. Easily introduce new business models or solutions as required.

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  • Interoperability

    Spryker's API-first technology can operate alongside a range of other tools, platforms, and solutions. This interoperability can incorporate current or new systems specific to your business logic

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Visit our Product Portal and find in-depth information regarding all available Spryker products, features and solutions for your B2B Commerce needs.

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IT Leaders Innovating with Spryker

Success speaks for itself. Just ask our customers.

See what successful IT Leaders like you have to say about Spryker’s Commerce Capabilities

Atida positioned Spryker at the core of its digital operations, creating an online pharmacy that combines the convenience of e-commerce with the expertise of your local pharmacist.

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active customers
international storefronts

"We needed rapid development, flexibility, scalability, and most importantly, security. Spryker‘s headless commerce and microservices were the best fit for us."

Shaya Pourmirza Head of IT Architecture
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Kömpf Created Unique Digital Selling Propositions In-House with Spryker


"Our old system was getting stuck, and we couldn't progress any further. We made the decision to work with Spryker to provide great customer experiences with a high level of code quality. "

Lars Malach Technical Lead
Siemens Healthineers: Screenshot
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Siemens Healthineers: Screenshot story icon

STAUFF Streamlined Complexity in Favor of the Customers, and Achieved Increased Orders and Customer Satisfaction

Annual Revenue

"With Spryker we have chosen the right technology which not only serves our customers’ needs today, but also future-proves our digital strategies.”

Mark Wever Global Chief Digital Officer
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IT Leader Resources

Learn more about Digital Transformation for IT Leaders

Spryker Product Portal

Visit our Product Portal and find in-depth information regarding all available Spryker products, features and solutions for your business. Explore the complete Spryker product portfolio, from our B2B Commerce to Enterprise Marketplace capabilities.

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