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Creating purchasing flexibility with a Buy-side Marketplace

Supply chains currently face disruption for multiple reasons. Businesses need to streamline the purchasing process and gain access to a broader range of suppliers and products.

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The Age of E-Procurement

With technology and digitalization at the forefront, E-procurement has become a profitable reality. This advance has drastically reduced the cost of solutions used to digitize transactions.

E-procurement portfolio solutions address the process complexity all along the procurement lifecycle by making your Purchasing, Finance, and Accounting Department’s life easier, but they do not address the actual supply challenge.

Digital supply chain management can be used to mitigate supply chain disruptions and minimize physical contact.

A Buy-side Marketplace allows organizations to make their sourcing flexible by enabling purchasing from multiple suppliers that can compete on price and delivery times.

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Challenges in Supply Chains Addressed by Buy-side Marketplace

As a result of all the recent crisis, many supply chains became unstable and generated new challenges for a great number of businesses.


In times of crisis, the biggest challenge and pain point for Supply Chains is the actual sourcing of products and services.


As a result of all the recent crises, many supply chains became unstable and generated new challenges for a great number of businesses.

Disruption & Shortages

The complexity of crisis and the rising risks of raw material shortage have greatly impacted the supply chain, generating price fluctuations and disruptions on every level.

The Business Outcomes of a Buy-side Marketplace

A Buy-side Marketplace is a solution that connects buyers with suppliers, providing a centralized location for procurement and sourcing activities. Even in periods of crisis, it increases efficiency and secures supply chains by enabling flexible and competitive sourcing. Find out about more benefits and business outcomes below.

  • Convenience

    Improved company-wide convenience through a seamless and simplified purchase process with modern commerce digital capabilities.

  • Unlimited Potential

    Uncover untapped potential by driving new revenue and reducing immobilization of capita: Unused stock from other subsidiaries can be made available for purchase. Costs can be saved by opening the sourcing platform to partners for larger volumes, which allow for greater discounts.

  • Greater Selection

    Easier onboarding of new suppliers leads to better supplier options, while increased transparency in product, service, and supplier availability leads to better supply stability.

  • New Revenue Streams

    New revenue streams are created by expanding categories for other needs that reach new buyers across other business units, subsidiaries, and companies.

The Spryker Solution


Spryker Capabilities

  • Enterprise Marketplace
  • Punchout Integration
  • Merchant Portal
  • Merchant and Operator Dashboards
  • Offer and Product Management
  • Company User Roles & Restrictions
  • Workflow and Company Account
  • Marketplace Storefront
  • Split Order
  • Quick Order
  • Approval Process


  • Purchase Journey Analysis
  • Operating Model Sparring
  • Process Design Workshop
  • Process Digitization Mapping
  • Business Model Operationalization
  • Supplier Management Workshop
  • Transformation Phase Analysis


Intersport: B2B Order Fairs Reinvented

INTERSPORT Germany is the leading sporting good retailer with over 1,500 affiliated stores in Germany. Spryker was tapped to build and improve its online systems in order to help INTERSPORT succeed in a digital-first world. According to Frank Trunzer, Head of IT -Application Management at INTERSPORT Germany,

“With the “Virtual Order Fair” we are jointly launching a groundbreaking project. We are very excited about the outcome of the project and look forward to working with Spryker.



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Securing supply chain independence and low prices with a Buy-side Marketplace

Supply chains currently face disruption for multiple reasons. Businesses need to stabilize their supplies and manage the cost of materials and components simultaneously.

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