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Our community is a place where customers, partners and freelancers contribute their knowledge and experience to mutually benefit from our growing businesses. We shape the future of digital commerce. Stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the community by joining CommerceQuest and participate by sharing your ideas, asking your questions, and attending our (online and offline) events

We have a good and trustful partnership. Spryker is a service oriented and customer centric company with a very good direct communication."

Head Of Customer Technology | Retail | Gartner Reviews
Community Leader and Commerce Expert
Guido X Jansen

Guido X Jansen

Global Business & Technology Evangelist
Guido is one of the latest high-profile addition to the growing roster of senior e-commerce expertise being assembled by Spryker to further facilitate our growing community.

He is a cognitive psychologist and usability specialist focused on e-commerce and has been a driving force behind several commerce communities in the past decade.

As of October 2021 he is the Global Business & Technology Evangelist at Spryker.

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For the sake of transparency and building a diverse community of professionals.

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Here you'll find a list of resources that have been created by our community that can help you work better and faster with our products.

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Visit our Product Portal and find in-depth information regarding all available Spryker products, features and solutions for your business.

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We are constantly seeking feedback to improve our released products and refine our product discovery process by handpicking new candidates. We appreciate your feedback.

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Our monthly meetings are for everyone interested in Spryker development and surrounding topics. Each month we invite Sprykees or community member guest speakers to guide us in interactive sessions. Topics vary and range from business to technical, so be sure to check the event agenda below for more details.

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