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Spryker is built out of true innovation to create the most flexible and agile commerce software on the market. This requires a special mindset, relentless human effort, and lots of collaboration within our team, which we proudly call “our herd”. An international team of unique “Sprykees” is the reason for our catching spirit!

Spryker derives from the word “spry”, meaning active; nimble; agile; energetic; all words that describe us: our product, our mindset and the way we work.
Did you know that our logo shows an Oryx Antelope, an incredibly strong and enduring animal, known to actively attack and fight lions?
Turn our logo upside down and sideways, and see how agile and transformative we are – an antelope becoming a penguin or even a dolphin.



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In our hiring activities we have a clear goal: a respectful, authentic, open and appreciative process along all our different interview steps. While evaluating and treating candidates by equal, fair and comparable criteria, timelines, and cases throughout our interaction, we still stand for flexibility within the process. Therefore, if needed, steps are being tailored to each candidate’s and our position’s needs.

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