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Future-proof your B2B eCommerce business with Spryker

No matter what risks or opportunities come into view, Spryker’s leading B2B Commerce platform delivers the speed and flexibility your business needs to keep its competitive edge.

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Trusted by leading global companies for their B2B commerce endeavors.

Better business outcomes with Spryker

Why Spryker B2B Commerce? We’ll tell you.

  • B2B Commerce Better Customer Engagement

    Elevate the B2B buying experience

    Deliver the personalized, expert-led engagement your customers want with the intuitive, convenient digital buying experiences they’ve grown to expect - all at enterprise scale.

  • B2B Commerce Better Online Revenue

    Reduce cost of sales

    Streamline the procurement process while enabling purchasing teams to track and manage spending more effectively across business units and budgets.

  • B2B Commerce Easy Integration

    Optimize operational efficiency

    Automate nearly every facet of your digital business, from customer account management to requests for quotes to order workflows, while maintaining your unique business processes.

  • B2B Commerce Better Customer Engagement
  • B2B Commerce Better Online Revenue
  • B2B Commerce Easy Integration

Gain speed and agility without the IT complexity

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Transact from anywhere

Meet your customers wherever they transact with a headless commerce solution that enables you to receive and process orders then fulfill customer demand at any touchpoint, from any device.

Build to your standard

Build the suite that’s best for your business, not one that comes in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ package. Spryker’s platform extensibility and API-first approach means you can seamlessly connect to any third-party software and service.

Optimize system performance

Confidently support the needs and growth of your business while optimizing operational efficiency and IT cost-effectiveness with the ability to scale up and down as needed based on traffic.

Accelerate time to value

Launch faster and take advantage of the latest innovations while meeting your budgets and timelines with out-of-the-box B2B capabilities and upgrade-safe extensibility.

Spryker scored highest for overall growth of any vendor in this Magic Quadrant, with both customer and revenue growth nearing 100%, [...] and is a leading product in terms of business agility.                                                                     -Gartner

Spryker customers love our B2B Commerce platform.

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Find out what Spryker B2B Commerce can do for you

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Finally, features that work for YOU

Accelerate your time to market with leading B2B capabilities

  • Optimized Purchasing Journey

    Delight your customers and increase sales by delivering the streamlined and convenient experience B2B buyers are looking for with 'quick order', automated reordering, shopping list, multi-cart options, and more.

  • Personalized Account Management

    Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by mirroring your customers’ organizational structures, contracted pricing, and customized product catalogs in your storefront.

  • Collaborative Buying

    Easily facilitate group purchasing and consensus buying involving multiple stakeholders while maintaining transparency, high levels of efficiency, and necessary approval workflows with seamless cart-sharing capabilities.

  • Agent Assisted Buying

    Strengthen relationships and deliver the personalized experiences your customers expect by helping them to navigate the complexities of feature-rich products, custom configurations, negotiations, and pricing.

  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

    Reduce cost of sales while supporting complex pricing and negotiations between buyers and sales reps with out-of-the-box CPQ and RFQ capabilities. Customers can convert accepted offers to shopping carts with one click.

  • Dynamic Order Process Engine

    Don’t compromise the business processes that make you competitive. With Spryker’s industry-leading, extensible order management system, customize workflows, such as order processing, refunds, and returns, to align with your unique requirements.

  • Enterprise Marketplace for B2B

    Capture a greater share of wallet and elevate your digital commerce offering by onboarding third-party merchants to expand your catalog, support long-tail purchases, mitigate out-of-stock risk, or add complementary services.

  • Learn about our full B2B Feature set list

    B2B Feature List

B2B Commerce Customer Stories

Success speaks for itself. Just ask our customers.

See what successful examples of businesses like yours have to say about Spryker’s B2B Commerce Capabilities

Volta Trucks disrupts the last-mile delivery with a Truck-as-a-Service business model

Months to Launch

The success of our TaaS (Truck-as-a-Service) offering relies on our ability to pivot quickly based on how our customers interact with our trucks. Having the flexibility to iterate quickly is invaluable to us. Spryker’s composable commerce platform enables us to react and innovate more efficiently.

Shiv Tailor VP Enterprise Technology at Volta Trucks.
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A man in a suit and tie stands with his arms crossed, smiling, in a brightly lit office setting, exuding confidence as he navigates the b2b ecommerce landscape. story icon

SLV Becomes a Digital Company with Spryker

Revenue Growth Over Previous Year
Months for the Relaunch
Increase on Website Visits

We were particularly impressed by Spryker's B2B feature set and the modular system architecture, which together enable flexible development and a strong focus on B2B customers.

Gunther Hahn Head of SLV Digital
Yashar Shahabi profile
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Yashar Shahabi profile story icon

Hilti on course for international expansion

Spryker Shops
€ Annual Revenue

Spryker - Faster wins the digitalisation.

Marc Dassler Head of Digital Platforms
Marc Dassler - Head of Digital Platforms
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Marc Dassler - Head of Digital Platforms story icon
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B2B Resources

Learn more about Spryker B2B Commerce

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