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Cost Efficiency Through Order Process Automation

Digitization can significantly cut costs while enabling your business to keep up with the growing demands of the B2B digital purchasing process.

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The Shift from Physical to Digital

Tasks and activities that historically relied on labor have become technology-based, finally eliminating human error and allowing employees to focus more on high-value tasks.

In the B2B world, manual order processes are no longer sufficient. New technologies, including automation, telemetrics, machine learning, and service platforms, are required to make operations more efficient.

Technology saves costs while boosting productivity, accelerating growth and enabling your business to keep up with the growing demands of the B2B digital purchasing process.

Process Automation

Challenges Addressed by Order Process Automation

Manual processes are detrimental to several elements of any business. Human error or inaccurate data can have a significant impact on quality control levels, and ultimately reduce competitiveness.

Human Error

Customer experience can greatly suffer from manual mistakes, slow response and waiting times.

Unnecessary Complexity

Manual processes create complexity with bottlenecks in the buying process and complicated payment processes with by countless paperwork.

Unreliable Reporting

Lack of transparency and insights often result in inconsistent data and inaccurate analysis or reports.


Competitiveness is greatly reduced due to a lack of easy digital solutions.

The Business Outcome of
Order Process Automation

The cost-effectiveness of B2B order process automation can be boosted in a variety of ways, depending on the product or service and the complexity of the ordering process. Order process automation can substantially cut costs while increasing efficiency. Learn more of the benefits and value of automation below.

  • Process Automation

    Cost Reduction

    Reduce processing costs with little to no “manual” interaction and streamlined order processing

  • Process Automation

    Conversation Rate

    Improve conversion through recurring orders and convert self-service requests into digital orders

  • Process Automation

    Customer Satisfaction

    Real-time customer support and a seamless omnichannel experience does not only increase customer satisfaction, but improves overall customer lifetime value

  • Process Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Process Automation

Learn how Spryker & our partners enable this use case and your success

The Spryker Solution

Spryker Capabilities

  • Order Management System
  • Order Management System
  • State Machine Modelling
  • Configurable Bundles
  • Quotation and Offer Management

Success Enabling

Calibration Session:

  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • Process Digitization Mapping
  • Operating Model Sparring
  • Process Design Workshop

Technology Partners

  • Fluentcommerce
  • Fareye
  • Easypost
  • Paqato Gmbh

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