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B2B Marketplace guide

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Why a B2B Marketplace on Spryker is your Next 10x Initiative

B2B marketplaces are rising opportunities. Defining the market future due to a customer-centric marketplace will be a game-changer.

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Cover of a guidebook displaying an interior view of a large, industrial-style building with a high, exposed metal roof and large windows, reminiscent of the functional elegance often highlighted in whitepapers.
Guide Marketplace KPI Guide How do you determine which KPIs to measure when opening your own marketplace? Marketplace KPI Guide
A guidebook cover showing three hikers with backpacks walking up a hill during sunset, as mountains stand majestically in the background — much like a seamless software migration journey.
Guide Software Migration Guide Replatform now in 3 easy steps to get ready for the busiest shopping time of the year. Software Migration Guide
Cover of a guidebook featuring a person with long hair and glasses, seated against a brick wall background. The top right corner has a green tab labeled "Guide," hinting at answers to hard questions within.
Guide Hard Questions to Ask Vendors Ask these 10 questions before hiring your next e-commerce vendor. Ecommerce Vendor Guide


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  • A digital graphic with the text "Template Free Commerce RFP" next to an icon of a document labeled "RFP," featuring a checkbox and a handshake symbol, emphasizes the flexibility and ease of using a robust Commerce RFP Template.
    20 min

    Digital Commerce RFP Template

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  • Cover of the "Wholesale & Distribution Playbook" featuring a goat wearing a hard hat, holding a package, with black background and green text. Perfect for those in the wholesale & distribution industry looking for insightful resources.
    Wholesale 20 min

    The Wholesale & Distribution Playbook

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  • Illustration of a goat wearing a safety vest and hard hat, holding an industrial tool. Text reads "Industrial Goods Playbook" on a black background.
    Manufacturing 20 min

    The Industrial Goods Playbook

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  • A stylized image of a goat holding a shopping cart next to the text "CPG Playbook: The CPG Playbook" on a black background.
    Manufacturing 20 min

    The CPG Playbook

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  • Cover image for "The Automotive Playbook," featuring an illustration of a goat wearing a green hard hat and vest, holding a tire and a digital interface with a car icon.
    Manufacturing 30 min

    The Automotive Playbook

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  • White Paper_Utilizing the power of Spryker’s Enterprise Marketplace
    Handout 20-25 min

    Utilizing the power of Spryker’s Enterprise Marketplace to transform and scale your business

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  • A book's spine partially overlaid with a photograph of shelves filled with oranges and pink wrapped fruits, creating a split visual effect, reminiscent of starting a grocery marketplace.
    Handout 15-20 min

    Why you should start a grocery marketplace with Spryker

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  • A woman wearing glasses and a gray beanie smiles while looking at her phone, perhaps browsing a retail marketplace. The image is partially covered by vertical black lines.
    Whitepaper 15-20 min

    Why Now Might Be the Perfect Time To Start a Retail Marketplace

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  • A black hardcover book with glowing geometric hexagons and various icons on the cover, including a truck, helicopter, and building. The hexagons and icons are illuminated in green and yellow, symbolizing the modern challenges of recruiting developers.
    Handout 5 min

    Need for Speed: How Composability can Boost your Time to Market

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