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B2B Marketplace guide

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Why a B2B Marketplace on Spryker is your Next 10x Initiative

B2B marketplaces are rising opportunities. Defining the market future due to a customer-centric marketplace will be a game-changer.

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Guide Marketplace KPI Guide How do you determine which KPIs to measure when opening your own marketplace? Marketplace KPI Guide
Guide Software Migration Guide Replatform now in 3 easy steps to get ready for the busiest shopping time of the year. Software Migration Guide
Guide Hard Questions to Ask Vendors Ask these 10 questions before hiring your next e-commerce vendor. Ecommerce Vendor Guide


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  • Optimizing your D2C business
    Guide 15-20 min

    How Marketplaces Enable B2B Manufacturers to go D2C

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  • Guide 5-10 min

    6 Retail E-commerce Strategies to Increase your Bottom Line

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  • Handout 5-10 min

    Why Composability is Your Solution to Scarce Developer Resources

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  • Project Management Guide - asset mock-up
    Guide 5-10 mins

    This is how your project with Spryker could look like

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  • Guide 10-15 min

    Becoming an Intrapreneur with Spryker

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  • 5-10 mins

    How to Pitch a Digital Commerce Project to Your C-Suite

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  • WP Card Seven Common Pitfalls
    White Paper 3 min read

    The Most Common Pitfalls at the Beginning of an E-commerce Project

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  • 5 Ways Retailers Can Leverage Data To Improve User Experience
    5-10 min

    5 Ways Retailers Can Leverage Data To Improve User Experience

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  • Guide 10-15 min

    6 Ways Your Digital Commerce Business can “Go Beyond” With Spryker in 2022

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