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Sales on marketplace sites accounted for 62% of global web sales in 2020. Marketplaces are no longer a trend, they are dominating digital sales in B2C as well as B2B already. It's a shift away from the online shop towards a platform ecosystem.

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State of Affairs in 2023

Who Potentially Benefits From a Marketplace?

Which KPIs are Essential for Planning?

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State of Affairs in 2023

Marketplaces have long been playing an important role in B2C e-commerce, with e-commerce marketplaces dominating the top rankings worldwide. The topic of marketplaces is also making its way into B2B commerce – mostly in niche areas so far. One example of this is Sourceability – this merchant of electronic components has set itself the specific goal of becoming the Amazon of its industry. Even today, the size of the offered product range is almost identical to the Amazon product portfolio.

Key indicators are, at least in the ideal scenario, not only information but above all, a basis for decision-making. Therefore, wrong numbers (or misinterpreted numbers) easily lead to possibly wrong decisions.”

Lennard Stoever, Co-founder & CEO minubo

Which KPIs are Essential for Planning?

A uniform definition of generic KPIs must be step zero in planning because comparable data is clearly the precondition for maximum transparency and standardized communication between all parties involved.

Why Marketplace KPIs matter
Marketplace KPIs are crucial for evaluating the health and success of a B2B marketplace. They provide measurable metrics that help marketplace operators and participants understand how well the platform is performing and identify areas for improvement.

By tracking KPIs, such as transaction volume, conversion rates, average order value, customer acquisition costs, and customer retention rates, marketplace operators can gain insights into the overall business performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.
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