Digital Self-Service

Utilize a B2B portal to improve customer experience

Solve the issue of fragmented buyer experience in the manufacturing industry with a B2B customer portal that enables a smooth after-sale process. Consolidate data and manage the relationship while offering insights and autonomy to increase customer stickiness.

Spryker Digital Self-Service

Benefits & value of digital self-service

By creating a B2B customer portal, you can:

  • Increase customer satisfaction & stickiness
  • Reduce costs through self-service
  • Improve efficiency on both buying & selling sides
  • Increase revenue & share of wallet

Find out more about how your business can benefit from a digital self-service portal for B2B manufacturers.

Spryker Digital Self-Service

Find out how Spryker can help

Learn how digital self-service works and understand how implementing a B2B customer portal will help you to improve your customer experience and stay ahead of the competition.

Spryker Digital Self-Service