Jungheinrich’s digital sales strategy

Launching 41 individualized storefronts in 40 countries in one admin interface, Spryker developed a holistic strategy to help replatform the Jungheinrich Parts Shop platform – a new online store system selling spare parts for a comprehensive range of logistics-related items. This scalable solution will serve as the foundation for Jungheinrich’s future commerce models in their e-business. The optimized service for B2B end customers is already proving fruitful with a marked increase in sales.





What does Jungheinrich do?

Jungheinrich AG, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is a leading global solution provider for everything related to intralogistics. Founded in 1953 with just 30 employees, the company has developed into a global leader in intralogistics with 18,000 employees and branches in 40 countries. Jungheinrich designs comprehensive logistics solutions ranging from conventional material-handling equipment to fully automated logistics systems with intelligent integrated software. Jungheinrich are increasingly relying on digital sales channels in everyday business.


State-of-the-Art Service for Business Customers

Before Spryker, Jungheinrich’s existing e-commerce infrastructure was limited in its ability to meet the growing needs of its business customers. To meet these demands and successfully integrate new vendors and partners, Jungheinrich decided to switch to a scalable and expandable solution. In the long term, this move would enable Jungheinrich to create further relevant user experiences and strengthen its digital sales channel.

The digital transformation of the sales organization is an essential part of our e-commerce strategy. The scalable e-commerce platform is the foundation for meeting future business requirements. ”

Nikolaus Meixner Director E-Business, Jungheinrich AG


Flexibility in Worldwide Rollout

Jungheinrich wanted to expand its e-commerce capabilities to better serve the needs of the company’s end customers. To achieve this, it needed a holistic e-commerce platform where all of the company’s digital commerce activities could be consolidated. An accompanying challenge was scalability. While the old solution offered only one URL with 23 selectable languages, the new system needed to offer extensive multi-shop functionality and each storefront needed to be easily customizable. Future viability was also incredibly important to Jungheinrich, as the system will be continuously developed and expanded to include new features, touchpoints or entire business models.

Our previous provider did not offer us the same capabilities as Spryker to efficiently implement country-specific customizations such as languages, content, or store features, including a large number of different storefronts.

Kim Manitasevic Manager E-Commerce, Jungheinrich AG


One Platform to Consolidate all Commerce Activities

Jungheinrich has succeeded in creating digital access to over 800,000 spare parts for its B2B end customers in 40 countries with the Spryker Commerce OS B2B Suite and Solution Partner Dept Agency. In August 2020, the first storefronts of the new online parts store were launched on Spryker and the solution was rolled out to a total of 40 countries, plus one international online store, in just a few months. All stores are under the responsibility of the countries themselves and tailored to local requirements. A dynamic, modern and globally-oriented commerce solution was built that offers a compelling customer journey and can easily be adapted to future needs. 

Highlights of the New Solution

Customer Specific Pricing

Prices are not maintained in Spryker, but are determined in real time depending on the customer and country. This is done through full SAP ERP integration, which allows individual prices to be displayed for each customer and assigned units.


With Elastic Search native integration into Spryker, Jungheinrich created a search function tailored to their needs to help customers efficiently find what they’re looking for. 

My Fleet

By integrating the customer’s existing fleet of vehicles, they are able to view an up-to-date overview of their fleet. Customers can associate their vehicles with serial numbers in their account and then use the vehicle selection to ensure that only suitable spare parts are selected.

My Account / B2B Features

The admin interface offers Jungheinrich’s customers a variety of B2B-specific features. There are individual customer rights as well as a role system tailored to Jungheinrich’s needs, in which the purchasing manager can assign additional users with different purchasing rights. Login is via SSO and invoices and order confirmations can be viewed online.


Spryker's modular solution provides the flexibility we need today to meet the global challenges of tomorrow.”

Sebastian Schulmeister Group Lead e-Business Services, Jungheinrich AG


With Agility and Scalability Towards Success

Jungheinrich gained flexibility in e-business through Spryker’s scalable, modular architecture and met the strategic requirements of a worldwide rollout with individualized country stores. Within 3 months, its online presence was rolled out globally. Positive sales growth reflects how customers are appreciating user experience improvements. Jungheinrich is also very well prepared for new business ideas or extensions to its digital strategy: in close cooperation with Dept, and under the guidance of Spryker’s Customer Success Team, recurring training, audits, and reviews are carried out to ensure continuous development and overcome challenges. Jungheinrich can therefore focus fully on customer centricity and know that its technology is in safe hands.

We didn't want a siloed solution, but instead something that would enable our IT team to respond to any future use case requests, which is why we chose Spryker."

Sebastian Schulmeister Group Lead e-Business Services, Jungheinrich AG

What’s next

The Next Projects are Already in Sight

Following on from the successful initial project with Spryker and Dept, Jungheinrich is already devoting itself to further exciting projects in pursuit of its global e-commerce strategy. An internal competence center has been established in Spain with a dedicated team of experts to ensure the successful implementation of forthcoming projects. Jungheinrich also has a strong focus on the existing content management system and will implement further enhancements together with technology partner CoreMedia. With Spryker taking care of the technology, Jungheinrich is now able to autonomously enrich the entire customer journey with relevant experiences.


Spryker Solution Partner DEPT

DEPT supported Jungheinrich in the implementation of the system relaunch. The Spryker Gold Solution Partner was involved in the planning, implementation and optimization of an agile and high-performance solution for Jungheinrich. With over 1,500 dedicated thinkers and doers, Dept supports customers in their digital transformation with innovative products, services, and campaigns.

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Powered by AWS

Thanks to AWS, Spryker was able to fulfill the customer's needs, when they needed it to make it a success. The composability on AWS is crucial to deliver the highest level of flexibility for customer requests. It allows the customer to select the best-of-breed components they need, which will work seamlessly and reliably straight away, thanks to Spryker being a truly composable platform and the high levels of service AWS has. Due to AWS, the onboarding takes from as little as 4 hours to 1-2 days, compared to months previously. With the Spryker Cloud Commerce OS solution, built on AWS, Spryker can scale computational and storage resources to accommodate the customer's goals.

Updated in January 2024

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