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We are living in a world that is becoming more and more connected at an increasing speed. To capitalize on this new and growing opportunity, Spryker has designed its GLUE API, which allows for a headless retail experience. 

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Headless means the front-end is decoupled from the back-end and supports any type of customer touchpoint like mobiles apps, voice assistants, smart watches or other IoT devices. Our commitment is to ensure you’re always connected to your B2B or B2C customers, no matter where they are.


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Electronic shelf labels (ESL)

Linking Retail and Digital

Electronic shelf labels (ESL) are projected to reach 1 billion USD in market share by 2024, and register more than 16% CAGR due to adoption by the retail industry. This is significant as this proves that the push to make retail locations more digital is not only beneficial for the business as you can manage price, product, and promotions from one central location, but creates many new and unique opportunities for the customer as well.

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  Voice Assistant Shopping with a Voice Assistant can significantly decrease the friction consumers experience with traditional retail outlets like limited opening hours and long waiting lines, or the performance and navigation of typical online shops. Read about Voice Assistant
  Smart Shelves Smart Shelves are an easy way to improve customer experiences. They can detect when something has been removed or added, and offer a sensor-like technology allowing you to understand where customers are in your store. Read about Smart Shelves
  Headless Retail Enable your customers to make purchases without disrupting their routine by offering headless touchpoints for pivotal situations. IoT touchpoints for recurring purchases will increase your average order value and customer loyalty. Read about Headless Retail
  NFC Technology The NFC Technology opens up a ton of possibilities for businesses looking to stay connected with consumers throughout their purchasing journey whether they are in-store or in the comfort of their homes. Read about NFC
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