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How can CPG Manufacturers Excel in Digital Transformation?

Digital commerce for CPG Manufacturers means a variety of opportunities and changes. The key to a successful business is the customer, and digitalization is redefining the roles and expectations of the seller and the customer. Subscription models, omnichannel approaches, and click & collect are just a few of the many trends that drive the unprecedented convenience of a digital customer journey.

Spryker empowers CPG Manufacturers with comprehensive B2B and D2C e-commerce solutions, enabling seamless connections with customers and businesses, driving enhanced customer experiences, and fostering business growth.

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Contemporary Challenges for CPG Manufacturers

With complex ordering and approval processes, as well as a lack of centralized procedures, CPG manufacturers may think digital transformation is too difficult to undertake. Partnering with the right platform can help solve common challenges.

Supply Chain

From disruptions in logistics and transportation to inventory shortages or delays, ensuring supply chain resilience and responsiveness becomes crucial to meet customer demands and maintain operational efficiency.

Customer Experience and Personalization

CPG manufacturers often struggle to deliver exceptional experiences and personalization in digital commerce, requiring tailored recommendations, optimized interfaces, and seamless post-purchase support for satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat purchases.

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Strategies

Implementing D2C sales models poses challenges for CPG manufacturers, including building e-commerce platforms, efficient order fulfillment, and navigating marketing and customer acquisition in a competitive digital landscape.


CPG manufacturers struggle with synchronizing their presence across multiple channels, integrating inventory, pricing, and promotions while maintaining consistent messaging and balancing inventory visibility and order fulfillment.

Commerce Opportunities for CPG

Boost Revenue and Efficiency With Digital Technologies

  • eB2B
  • Marketplace
  • Multi-brand
  • Attach-play

Take advantage of eB2B

eB2B, the digitization of business-to-business transactions, is crucial for CPGs as it offers significant opportunities for growth and improved customer experiences. CPG companies need modern solutions to meet the demands of B2B buyers seeking seamless and convenient transactions.

Spryker helps CPGs thrive in eB2B by providing streamlined interfaces, personalized catalogs, and data insights, enabling optimized sales strategies, increased customer satisfaction, and higher loyalty.


Launch a B2B Marketplace

CPG companies can become industry leaders by launching a B2B marketplace, expanding their product portfolio and streamlining assortments. With direct customer access and data insights, CPGs can improve products, increase revenue, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Spryker supports CPG companies in establishing and running their B2B marketplace, enabling them to efficiently manage their marketplace operations and drive growth.


Create a Multi-brand platform

CPG manufacturers can succeed in a multi-brand scenario by launching a flexible platform that accommodates brand-specific customizations while maintaining core competencies. This approach enables faster time-to-market, efficient inventory management, and an improved customer experience.

Spryker supports CPG companies in implementing modular and customizable architectures for multi-brand platforms, enhancing brand coexistence and customer satisfaction.


Tap into Attach-play opportunities

The 'attach-play' strategy enables CPG manufacturers to monetize their existing digital assets by adding transactional capabilities. By overlaying e-commerce functionalities onto high-traffic websites or popular apps, CPGs can capitalize on engaged audiences and generate revenue through transactions.

Spryker offers a cost-effective and fast solution for implementing these capabilities without rebuilding existing systems, maximizing the use of resources and capturing opportunities from qualified user bases.

The CPG Playbook

A Guide to Navigating the Future of CPG Business

The CPG industry is changing due to B2B digital technologies and consumer preferences, requiring companies to adapt to stay competitive by providing personalized experiences. That's why we have launched The CPG Playbook as a guide for navigating the new digital landscape.

  • Insights into the latest trends and best practices in CPG, with a focus on B2B companies and their unique needs and challenges.
  • Advice and insights on everything from e-commerce and supply chain management to marketing and customer experience.
  • Tips and strategies for driving growth and success in the digital era, with a particular emphasis on creating compelling e-commerce strategies.

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Innovative Use Cases for CPG Manufacturing

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  • Marketplace Extension

    A limited product offering is not able to satisfy all customer’s needs. Attract more customers by adding third-party complementary products and services to your marketplace with minimal investment.

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  • Addressing Channel Conflict

    Reap the rewards of D2C while maintaining good relationships with your dealer network by transforming your conflict into a partnership

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  • Multi-Brand Marketplaces

    Multi-Brand Marketplaces are able to give your business a competitive advantage by providing a one-stop shop and better customer experience. This will generate higher revenue potential through an improved customer lifetime value.

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  • Buy-side Marketplace

    Supply chains currently face disruption for multiple reasons. Businesses need to streamline the purchasing process and gain access to a broader range of suppliers and products.

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  • Cost Efficiency Through Order Process Automation

    Digitization can significantly cut costs while enabling your business to keep up with the growing demands of the B2B digital purchasing process.

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  • Lower Operational Costs Through Self-Service

    Recessions, inflation, pandemics, wars – they are all ultimately out of our control. The key to weathering any storm is ensuring that your company is efficient and cost-effective.

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Success speaks for itself. Just ask our customers.

Our CPG customers have achieved amazing results with Spryker

Spryker powered ROSE Bikes to achieve 100% online sales growth with their MVP online shop

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"The old shop was getting a bit long in the tooth and the release cycles were becoming longer and longer. This was causing an increasing backlog of projects. Content commerce was not possible, the mobile conversion was not satisfactory and the loading times were no longer up-to-date. So we started looking for a new solution."

Thorsten Heckrath-Rose CEO
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The Mexican CPG seller Mercado Mayco decreased their operating costs by 10x through process optimization.

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"We researched Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for digital commerce and quickly identified Spryker as a top option. Spryker's headless model offers us the capability to launch a lot of strategies with great speed. This partnership will enable us to be at the forefront of digital commerce innovation for the benefit of our customers."

José Manuel Esparza Head of Digital Commerce
Mercado Mayco App Interface
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