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Lower Your Operational Costs Through Self-Service

Recessions, inflation, pandemics, wars – they are all ultimately out of our control. The key to weathering any storm is ensuring that your company is efficient and cost-effective.

A B2B portal saves money and increases revenue potential by enabling customers to self-serve.

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Master any Challenges with Spryker

One of the most powerful changes a B2B business can make in times of crisis is enabling their customers to self-serve through a portal that manages the relationship from start to finish. Customers lack transparency and autonomy as they cannot easily find information. They must rely on slow manual interaction to provide the information they want.

A reduces both cost and time by automating manual tasks and increases the opportunity for personalized sales directly through the portal.

Lower operational costs

Challenges Addressed with a Digital Self-Service

Convenience is a crucial element of contemporary B2B customer service. Many businesses offer customers information about their orders and relationship, but from multiple and disparate sources - leading to poor customer experience.

Lack of Information

Without a portal consolidating all information, customers only have limited access to information about historic orders and interactions.

Missed Opportunities

Personalization and tailored offers are difficult to create without consolidated customer data.

Cost and Time Intensive

Personal Customer Relationship Management involves a lot of costly manual interaction and processes.

Lack of Convenience

Customers seek convenience when doing business, which may lead them to look to competitors with better after-sales user experiences.

The Business Outcome of Digital Self Service

Digital Self-Service is a customer portal that manages the after-sale process by consolidating all information and services related to the customer. It supports the full customer lifecycle by providing complete visibility into all elements of the business relationship. Find out about more below.

  • Lower operational costs

    Increase Customer Satisfaction & Stickiness

    With the autonomy to access information 24/7, a customer portal acts as a central point of contact with personalized offers and tailored support.

  • Lower operational costs

    Cost Reduction Through Self-Service

    By removing manual processes, you can reduce both time and costs, and focus on high-value services.

  • Lower operational costs

    Increase Revenue & Share of Wallet

    More customer data equals more opportunity to cross and up-sell, with AI-based offers delivered at the right time.

  • Lower operational costs

    Efficiency on Buying & Selling Sides

    Customers gain full control with a convenient 'one-stop shop' where order templates and automatic functions save time and money.

  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower operational costs


The Spryker Solution

Spryker Capabilities

  • Invoice Management
  • Quotation and Offer Management
  • Account-specific Products & Pricing
  • Configurable Bundles
  • Approval Processes

Success Enabling

Calibration Session:

  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • Process Digitization Mapping
  • Operating Model Sparring
  • Process Design Workshop

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