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  • "Throughout our evaluation, Spryker was the one technology fulfilling over 90% of our high-complex use cases from the get-go. And it’s paid off so far!"

    Siemens Healthineers

  • "At peak times, we record, on average, 4,000 to 4,800 orders a day. And there’s always surges and spikes – like just before order cutoff time when all of our customers log in at once. And with 8,000 users, as we have in the shop, that can mean a fair amount of traffic. Our shop system must be able to handle this surge in demand."


  • "The digital transformation of the sales organization is an essential part of our e-commerce strategy. Sprvker's scalable e-commerce platform is the foundation for meeting future business requirements."


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    "We wanted to go beyond the market standard, not just offering a polished e-shop. Our goal was to achieve a one-stop shopping experience for our customers and Spryker delivered on our promise."


  • "To ensure a fast solution that delivers outstanding customer experiences, Hilti decided on Spryker."


  • "Spryker works with what we already own and operate alongside anticipating where Ricoh sees itself in the D2C space for the future. This allows us to not be tied to a platform in project year 5."


  • "With Spryker, we found a perfect partner who was able to deliver the new e-commerce sales platform that we needed while sticking to the challenging timeline of less than three weeks."

    Toyota Germany

  • "Thanks to Spryker's flexible and modular architecture, we were able to implement the launch and further development using an agile MVP approach"


  • "It quickly became clear to us that Spryker provides us with the greatest innovative power and flexibility in the future."