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Digital Transformation: Shifting the Automotive Industry into Top Gear

In industries worldwide, digital transformation is allowing manufacturers to remain competitive, with the automotive sector as no exception.

Automotive companies that integrate tech solutions into their processes will find themselves best positioned to meet the changing needs of the market and consumers. Digital transformation, and in turn benefits such as composable commerce, will enable automotive suppliers to more easily adapt to the rapidly evolving commercial landscape.

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Solutions for Automotive Companies
at Any Stage of the Supply Chain


Spare Parts Providers, Distributors and Automotive Suppliers


Vehicle manufacturers providing components to other companies.


Providing mobility in MaaS, Subscription, UAM, Rental Services and further mobility business models.


Charging infrastructures, energy business models, and further services related to charging.

Financial Services

Leasing services, finance and insurance providers.

"No matter where your organisation lies in the automotive supply chain, Spryker can integrate tech solutions most beneficial to your business."

- Felix Bühner, Global Lead Automotive & Mobility, Spryker

Automotive Customers innovating with Spryker

Join leading Automotive businesses who use Spryker to build, scale, or transform their digital platforms.

  • ESA Migrated to Spryker for optimal flexibility whilst accounting for the complex requirements of a digital automotive supplier on one lean system.

  • Bohnenkamp plays an important role in the automotive supply-chain. Their existing shop environment migrated from Magento to Spryker to path their way to future scale.

  • ALLES.AUTO simplified the car buying process with Spryker by offering a one-stop-shop for all automotive needs, from finding the right vehicle to securing financing and insurance.

  • Toyota built an easy-to-use online B2B2C platform for its dealers with Spryker. The CVP, Corona Viable Product, has a record-breaking time-to-market of only 3 weeks.

  • ZF, a world-known automotive manufacturer, has chosen Spryker to digitize their aftermarket sales strategy to provide a relevant experience across the globe.

  • NDS is the second-largest automotive aftermarket wholesaler in Norway.
    With Spryker NDS will make the leapfrog into digital commerce with a dedicated commerce platform.

Build a Unified Transactional Ecosystem to Address Business Challenges

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers can solve numerous contemporary challenges through a transactional ecosystem. There are 4 key benefits:

  • 1: Seamless Marketplace Integration
  • 2: Diversified Product Offerings
  • 3: Increased Customer Retention
  • 4: Enhanced Business Insights
1: Seamless Marketplace Integration

Seamless Marketplace Integration

Expand your business horizons by seamlessly integrating a marketplace into your transactional ecosystem. Reach new audiences, extend your product lifecycle, and tap into additional revenue streams.

2: Diversified Product Offerings

Diversified Product Offerings

Stand out from the competition by extending your product and service offerings. Incorporate other companies within your supply chain as merchants on your platform, providing customers with access to financing options, spare parts, accessories, and a comprehensive range of related products.

3: Increased Customer Retention

Increased Customer Retention

Become a trusted one-stop-shop for all customer needs, enhancing customer retention and satisfaction. With a holistic view of customer purchasing habits, you can personalize their experience, offer tailored recommendations, and create targeted marketing campaigns to nurture long-lasting relationships.

4: Enhanced Business Insights

Enhanced Business Insights

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and performance metrics. Leverage data-driven decision-making to optimize your operations, identify growth opportunities, and stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic automotive industry.

Additional Innovative Commerce Use Cases for Automotive

  • Create buyer experience with Digital Self-Service

    Explore how Spryker can help solve the issue of fragmented buyer experience with B2B customer portals.

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  • Lower Operational Costs Through Self-Service

    Recessions, inflation, pandemics, wars – they are all ultimately out of our control. The key to weathering any storm is ensuring that your company is efficient and cost-effective.

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  • Stay Competitive with Visual Commerce

    Customers like to see products before they buy them – even if they are complex B2B products. Assisted buying with visual commerce is no longer a futuristic solution, but one available for your business right now.

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  • Addressing
    Channel Conflict

    Reap the rewards of D2C while maintaining good relationships with your dealer network by transforming your conflict into a partnership

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  • Buy-side

    Supply chains currently face disruption for multiple reasons. Businesses need to streamline the purchasing process and gain access to a broader range of suppliers and products.

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  • “Self-Service” Request for Quote

    Meet your customers’ expectations, expand your service offering and map out new customer journeys with Spryker.

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Integrate New Tech in Iterations

Incorporating new solutions into your business practices doesn't require a complete overhaul of your systems and processes.

Digital transformation can take place in iterations, focusing on one integration at a time and through an MVP approach. This allows your company to focus specifically on quick wins whilst progressing towards a more agile future set-up.

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Automotive Industry Expert Insights

In this episode, Spryker CEO Alexander Graf spoke with Nils Radsak, an expert in the automotive world who has led digitization for major car brands such as Volkswagen and Porsche. They talked about what dealers of the future will look like, connected services, and tensions between dealers and OEMs. They also discussed the Chinese Tesla competitor, BYD, and why they are putting customer centricity first.


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