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How can Wholesale Companies Excel in Digital Transformation?

Wholesale distribution supply networks shift towards e-commerce technologies to leverage existing resources while developing sustainable strategies for future success. Companies that harness modern technology to create competitive advantages expect massive opportunities.

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Contemporary Challenges for Wholesale Companies

Wholesale & Distribution companies experience difficulties with complex ordering, approval processes and the absence of centralized procedures. This makes digital transformation seem daunting and complex. However, partnering with the right platform solves all these common challenges.

Low Digitization

Wholesale & Distribution companies struggle with limited digital adoption, impacting workforce retention, customer experience, and visibility in customer relationships. The lack of digital adoption hampers visibility into the customer-seller relationship, leading to errors and missed sales opportunities.

Inefficient Processes

Wholesale & Distribution companies with outdated sales processes waste resources, hinder innovation, and make it difficult to compete with digitally mature competitors. Adopting a proactive approach and focusing on long-term vision is necessary to streamline sales processes and adapt to industry trends.

Poor CX

Wholesale & Distribution companies struggle with meeting evolving customer demands, lack of digital adoption, and challenges in serving multiple verticals and regions. Meeting changing customer expectations, providing diverse and sustainable delivery options, and offering B2C-like experiences are essential for success.

Complex Integrations

Wholesale & Distribution companies face challenges in integrating digital commerce with existing B2B systems, as they need to ensure seamless connectivity between commerce platforms, CRM, ERP, and other systems. This connectivity is essential for enabling efficient order processing and customer management.

Commerce Opportunities for Wholesale & Distribution

Boost Revenue and Efficiency With Digital Technologies

  • Launch an MVP
  • Digital Self-Service
  • Customer Portal
  • Leverage D2C
Launch an MVP

Combat low digitization with an MVP

To combat low digitization, Wholesale & Distribution businesses can adopt a minimum viable product (MVP) approach. his strategy involves initiating small-scale pilot projects, allowing them to gradually introduce digital features and generate momentum for transformation.

Spryker's flexible and modular platform offers tailored solutions to rapidly deploy digital capabilities, optimize processes, and enhance customer experiences, enabling businesses to stay competitive in the market.

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Digital Self-Service

More efficient sales processes with a digital self-service portal

Wholesale & Distribution businesses can achieve more efficient sales processes by implementing a digital self-service portal. This online platform allows customers to access information, complete transactions, and manage their accounts autonomously, streamlining operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Spryker offers a flexible platform that empowers customers with intuitive product browsing, streamlined ordering, and automated order replenishment. Spryker enhances transparency and improves overall efficiency in sales operations.

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Customer Portal

Transform customer experience with a customer portal

To outperform the competition, Wholesale & Distribution businesses can elevate the customer experience through a customer portal. This digital platform offers self-service buying, personalized product suggestions, and enriched catalogs, delivering a B2C-like experience.

Spryker offers a flexible platform for creating intuitive customer portals with self-service capabilities, personalized recommendations, and immersive experiences. This helps businesses stand out, streamline operations, and foster customer loyalty.

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Leverage D2C

D2C is an opportunity, not a death knell

Wholesale & Distribution businesses should view the rise of D2C Commerce as an opportunity rather than a threat. Partnering with manufacturers in the D2C space expands reach and access to valuable customer data.

Spryker offers a flexible platform to support businesses in capitalizing on the D2C opportunity. With its modular architecture, Spryker enables the creation of D2C channels and independent marketplaces, facilitating personalized buying experiences and providing access to valuable customer data.

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A Guide to Navigating the Future of Wholesale & Distribution

The Wholesale & Distribution industry is changing due to B2B digital technologies and customer preferences, requiring companies to adapt to stay competitive by providing personalized experiences. That's why we have launched The Wholesale & Distribution Playbook as a guide for navigating the new digital landscape.

  • Insights into the latest trends and best practices in Wholesale & Distribution, with a focus on B2B companies and their unique needs and challenges.
  • Advice and insights on everything from e-commerce and supply chain management to marketing and customer experience.
  • Tips and strategies for driving growth and success in the digital era, with a particular emphasis on creating compelling e-commerce strategies.

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A cheat sheet titled "Wholesale & Distribution Commerce Cheat Sheet” includes sections on digital commerce terms, a digital commerce skills chart, emerging technologies, important KPIs, and types of channels & pros/cons. Images of a figure with a goat head in business attire appear on both sides.

Innovative Use Cases for Wholesale & Distribution

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  • A digital user interface with options for managing users, business units, and roles is displayed beside a standing goat mascot, symbolizing the efficiency of CPG commerce solutions.


    Supply chains currently face disruption for multiple reasons. Businesses need to streamline the purchasing process and gain access to a broader range of suppliers and products.

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  • A digital screen displays a Spryker user interface showing a quote request section for industrial goods. A character resembling an animal with human traits stands next to it, pointing to the screen.

    “Self-Service” Request for Quote

    Meet your customers’ expectations, expand your service offering and map out new customer journeys with Spryker.

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  • A digital interface displaying a user management dashboard with options for creating and enabling new users. A mascot figure holds a tablet in front of the dashboard, giving it an industrial goods aesthetic.


    Explore how Spryker can help solve the issue of fragmented buyer experience with B2B customer portals.

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  • A digital overview of orders is displayed on a screen. The interface shows various columns including order numbers, statuses, and dates. A bovine figure stands to the left of the screen, posed with crossed arms, overseeing the efficient tracking of industrial goods.

    Order Process

    Digitization can significantly cut costs while enabling your business to keep up with the growing demands of the B2B digital purchasing process.

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  • A bipedal, cow-like character wearing a virtual reality headset, with geometric shapes floating around it, embodies modern commerce solutions for automotive industries.

    Stay Competitive With Visual Commerce

    Customers like to see products before they buy them – even if they are complex B2B products. Assisted buying with visual commerce is no longer a futuristic solution, but one available for your business right now.

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  • A screenshot of a Spryker interface displaying the "Roles" section under "Business Units" with an animated goat jumping in the foreground, adding a lively touch to the usually subdued world of industrial goods.

    Lower Operational Costs Through Self-Service

    Recessions, inflation, pandemics, wars – they are all ultimately out of our control. The key to weathering any storm is ensuring that your company is efficient and cost-effective.

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Success speaks for itself. Just ask our customers.

Our Wholesale & Distribution customers have achieved amazing results with Spryker

Metro used Spryker to optimize customer experience and promote customer loyalty


"We use the Spryker solution as a front-end tool and connect it to our back-end systems via our APIs. The motivation for this cooperation was to amplify our technology, to scale faster and to provide our customers with this diversified range of functions."

Timo Salzsieder CIO
A computer screen displaying an online grocery store homepage showcases the commerce benefits of various fruits and vegetables for sale.
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A computer screen displaying an online grocery store homepage showcases the commerce benefits of various fruits and vegetables for sale. story icon

The Mexican Wholesaler Mercado Mayco decreased their operating costs by 10x through process optimization.

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"We researched Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for digital commerce and quickly identified Spryker as a top option. Spryker's headless model offers us the capability to launch a lot of strategies with great speed. This partnership will enable us to be at the forefront of digital commerce innovation for the benefit of our customers."

José Manuel Esparza Head of Digital Commerce
Mercado Mayco App Interface
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Mercado Mayco App Interface story icon

MAKRO improved customer experience including site speed, simplification of product selection, and mobile experience

"Replatforming to Spryker is not just the right choice internally, but the right choice for our customers. We understand that the world is becoming increasingly more digital, which makes it more important than ever to do everything we can to give our customers a seamless online experience."

Peter De Jonghe Head of E-commerce
A grocery store aisle containing various packaged snacks and food products, neatly arranged on shelves, offers a convenient option for both individual shoppers and those looking to buy in wholesale.
A grocery store aisle containing various packaged snacks and food products, neatly arranged on shelves, offers a convenient option for both individual shoppers and those looking to buy in wholesale. story icon
A black background with green outlined squares of various sizes positioned sporadically, reminiscent of a Spryker Marketplace layout.

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