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Composable Commerce - a best-of-breed solution

​​Having first outlined the idea of Composable Commerce, Gartner defines this as a way for businesses to select vendors based on “best-of-breed” principles instead of traditional “off-the-shelf” bundles. Composable Commerce architecture comprises of packaged components that can be individually used and connected with other providers, as needed. 

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How is Spryker supporting Composable Commerce?


With experts suggesting composable commerce must be adopted for the future of applications, Spryker’s best-of-breed approach offers the necessary flexibility for your company to succeed. We enable our customers to integrate only the specific features needed in order to best serve their market.

Adapt Quickly

High flexibility in choosing the best suited vendors and scaling your business any time enable you to adapt fast to market changes. In this way, both B2C as well as B2B Composable Commerce can be agile and effective.

Composable Commerce or Headless?

Composable Commerce and Headless are separate technical approaches. Composable Commerce embraces an API-first, headless architecture without risking vendor lock-in. In Composable Commerce, frontend and backends are decoupled, similarly to a headless approach. Composable goes beyond Headless with the added personalization of your tech stack.

By 2023, organizations that have adopted a composable approach will outpace competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation."

Customer Stories

See what our customers say about us

With Spryker we found a perfect partner. We were able to deliver our ecommerce platform within 3 weeks.

Jens Brech, Director Customer Experience & Network Quality | Toyota

We researched Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for digital commerce and quickly identified Spryker as a top option.

José Manuel Esparza, Head of Digital Commerce | Mercado Mayco
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Learn more about what composable commerce can do for your business by checking out Spryker's Product Portal.

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Better Outcomes for Your Business

Benefits of Spryker's Composable Commerce technology.

  • Director of eCommerce

    Rapidly respond to shifting business landscapes
    Outsmart competition by responding to market trends and customer expectations quickly and flexibly. Composable commerce offers increased agility over monolithic architectures.

    Less need to develop from scratch
    Access best-of-breed solutions via third-party applications and a variety of accelerators. Pre-composed solutions adhere to best practices and offer access to features and capabilities at a fraction of the time and effort it takes tech teams to implement them from scratch.

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    Sales Teams

    Offer bespoke commerce experiences
    Tailor commerce experiences, regardless of how complex the business requirements. Offer services specific to your audience, with customized marketing and personalized retention campaigns to reduce customer turnover.

    Tap into new audiences
    The flexibility offered with composable commerces means new applications can be easily added, allowing possibilities to target new customers, channels and markets.

  • Easy integration for B2B commerce icon

    IT Executive

    Overcome deficit in Tech skills
    Leveraging composable commerce technology requires less time and energy from in-house tech teams. With tech talent becoming a rarer commodity, focus your team’s skills on more pressing issues elsewhere.

    No ties to a single vendor
    Composabe commerce erases vendor lock-in risk. By allowing components to be added or removed over time, when needed, you only need to work with vendors who currently add benefit to your offering.

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  • Easy integration for B2B commerce icon

Technology Partners

Integration Made Easy

Integrate Technology Partner solutions seamlessly. Spryker offers numerous integrations to ensure a successful commerce experience for your customers.

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Composability is the future of commerce and the Spryker App Composition Platform is the answer to it.

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Spryker Composable Commerce in action.

The composable approach aims to offer agile and rapid business customization. Reach out to learn more about what composable commerce can do to help your business growth.