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Commerce Talks Podcast

Join Spryker Co-CEO Alexander Graf and his special guests on the industry-leading Commerce Talks podcast. Alex looks at the hottest topics in digital commerce, exploring what they mean, why they are important, and where to prioritize them in your own digital commerce journey.

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Composable Commerce Leaders Podcast

Are you ready to hear from the brightest minds in the industry about the future of composable commerce? In his podcast series Spryker CEO Boris Lokschin is interviewing exclusive thought leaders who are driving innovation in the composable commerce space across various industries. Composable commerce is the future, and we can't wait to learn from these industry experts and share their insights with you.

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Sheeptank Podcast

If you’re working within the commerce industry or are interested in different business models and how they play out, then this sheeptank podcast is for you. A light-hearted approach to presenting a single interesting business case weekly and if we think it will succeed or fail. In every episode, there will be the sheep that takes on the identity of the business and defends its business model, while the other participants will be the wolves that will grill the sheep and decide if they want to invest or not. A Spryker podcast series hosted by Guido X Jansen with co-hosts Alexander Graf and Yara Molthan.

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Success in the digital age goes beyond classic B2B or B2C tactics. At Spryker’s EXCITE conference, commerce leaders shared their insights, projects, and future dreams for delivering best-in-class digital commerce experiences.

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