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Personalize and enhance your business processes with IoT integrations.

Spryker’s e-commerce platform lets you take advantage of a rapidly expanding ecosystem of connected devices.

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How does Spryker enable IoT Commerce?

Headless Architecture

Headless architecture allows the back-end of a platform to communicate with any front-end, enabling integrations with a wide range of touchpoints.

Spryker GLUE API

IoT devices rely on APIs to communicate. Spryker GLUE API connects the back-end of your platform to the various touchpoints best suited to your requirements.

Decoupled Front- and Back-ends

Autonomous front- and back-ends let you to tailor your solution to your unique business needs. Front-ends can be scaled and developed independently of your platform's data layer.

Better business outcomes with Spryker

Limitless connections.
Unlimited benefits.

IoT devices allow integrations and input from a wide range of touchpoints. These may be at various stages of the purchasing journey and completely unique to your business needs. Some advantages of IoT connections include:

  • Reaching Customers at Their Convenience

    IoT devices allow communication with customers via the touchpoints they most frequently use. IoT integrations allow your service teams and products to always be within customers' reach.

  • Automation and Analysis

    Smart sensors in warehouses or on products can automate manufacturing and delivery processes, cutting costs and minimizing opportunity for human error. Data from these devices can also be analyzed to better predict future trends.

  • Unrestrained Scalability

    Without needing to consider the back-end architecture, front-ends can be scaled significantly faster in decoupled set-ups. The independence of each connection also offers less risk to the platform overall.

IoT in Action

While the range of available IoT connections is vast, several have proved groundbreaking for Spryker customers.

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