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Toyota Deutschland GmbH reached out to Spryker to build an online platform to help Toyota dealers remain connected to their local customers during a time when social distancing had become the new standard. With local dealerships representing such an important connection to potential customers, Toyota needed to create an easy-to-use online platform to empower their 200+ local showrooms across Germany to interact with customers safely and effectively. The pandemic turned the market upside down and Toyota understood that they had to take action as fast as possible.



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Toyota Launches new Shop System in only 3 Weeks

Dynamic markets require dynamic solutions. For selecting a shop system vendor, Toyota focused on its own brand values and, of course, its Kaizen philosophy. Needless to say, those were only some key factors for choosing Spryker. Watch the interview with Toyota Deutschland’s Director Customer Experience & Network Quality, Jens Brech.


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Pivoting in a Highly Intense market

Toyota Germany’s original online shop platform was focused on product descriptions and listings that were targeted towards the needs of B2B customers. During Spring 2020, the company was dedicated to shifting this approach to a customer-first model that would empower end-user B2C customers. Unfortunately, their existing digital assets and base of information technology human capital did not have the capacity to make the changes needed to accomplish their ambitious goal. With the help of Spryker, Toyota was able to pivot its business development strategy to better leverage its online e-commerce storefront to sell automotive products directly to customers with a first CVP (Corona Viable Product) in less than a month.

With Spryker, we found a perfect partner who was able to deliver the new e-commerce sales platform that we needed while sticking to the challenging timeline of less than three weeks.”

Jens Brech Director of Customer Experience and Network Quality


Toyota at a Glance

Founded in 1937, Toyota Motor Corporation has grown to encompass a family of 5 brands that produces cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The flagship Toyota brand remains the company’s most valuable, being the world’s global leader in automotive sales. Toyota is dedicated to advancing automotive technology and invests heavily in electromobility, autonomous driving capability, robotics, and digital sales strategies to reach their customers.

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Spryker is the Commerce Turbocharger for Innovators

Toyota wanted to modify its online shop to be able to offer end-user customers the innovative experience they would expect to quickly evaluate products and gain the insights needed to move them towards a buying decision. In essence, they were seeking to expand their digital lead generation capability to better reflect the strategies at the core of the Toyota Customer First and Quality First initiatives.

The Covid-19 pandemic was the catalyst that suddenly gave this goal tremendous urgency. With car dealers forced to remain closed in the wake of the lockdown, Toyota wanted to create a centralized solution to connect customers and dealers better now than later. Therefore, Toyota was seeking for a technology that would enable them to ship a first MVP or CVP (Corona Viable Product) within weeks to serve the rising demand.

Spryker is customer-orientated; they have a passion for the customer and offer solutions that go beyond pure technical capacities. Spryker brings customer-centricity to reality, and that was a perfect match for us.”

Jens Brech Director of Customer Experience and Network Quality


Shifting up the Gear

The Spryker Cloud Commerce OS platform offered Toyota Germany the scalable solution they needed to empower both customers and their dealerships to reach their ambitious business goals. The scope of this project required Spryker to employ an incremental but lightning-fast development strategy, realizing a first go-live after 3 weeks already. The ability to remain flexible and “fail fast” and learn from mistakes quickly are guiding principles of Toyota and central to the approach of its collaboration with Spryker. Toyota was expecting a flexible, scalable, modular system that it could continue developing for many years to come. Spryker Cloud Commerce OS delivers the customization Toyota customers are expecting from such a brand today.

We need to have quick solutions. Yet, we also know that we need to move in small steps to accomplish our goals. Going piece by piece or release by release is very important to us. Flexibility also means a great deal to us and fits into our Kaizen philosophy at Toyota.”

Jens Brech Director of Customer Experience and Network Quality


Successes in the Rearview Mirror

With passion for customers and the unconditional will to innovate, Toyota managed to launch their Corona Viable Product within three weeks. This record-breaking time-to-market was possible because of the modular and headless architecture of the Spryker Cloud Commerce OS. The sky is the limit in terms of speed, when you really commit to the MVP approach and know which aspects to focus on. Now, Toyota has built a solid foundation that can already be used by dealers and customers, and that is easy to improve with many exciting features to come. Toyota successfully set the foundation for their digital growth strategy which is already paying off with an increase in sales.

Press Release

Spryker Welcomes Toyota Deutschland GmbH as a Spryker Client

BERLIN, MARCH 2020 – Spryker Cloud Commerce OS has been selected by Toyota Deutschland GmbH for its Toyota Helps Sellers initiative. Spryker was approached to build a quick-to-market, MVP-focused solution rooted in the demand to create an effective B2B2C solution to assist Toyota dealers in Germany and their customers.

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