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Our herd is growing rapidly all across the globe! We are innovators, challengers, and passionate solution-seekers, who dream big. We are empathic team-players with a strong appetite to drive change. Are you ready to join us?

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Even our logo is flexible, turn it upside down and sideways, and see how oryx transforms into a penguin or dolphin.

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Spryker Story

Spryker derives from the word “spry”, meaning active, nimble, agile, energetic.  We are built out of true innovation to create the most flexible commerce software on the market. 

We take a lot of inspiration from the Oryx –  powerful and resilient animal, and we proudly call ourselves “THE HERD”. Only the Oryx antelope can beat lions when their herd is being attacked. Other antelopes flee, but our Oryx actively fights back predators.

Our secret behind success? We are a team that is  very ambitious and fun at the same time. There is a special mindset, high flexibility, relentless human effort, and lots of collaboration needed for our catching spirit!

Join us and take part in revolutionizing the world of commerce!

We have an industry-leading digital commerce platform.

Herd Benefits

Life at Spryker

  • FLOW Concept
  • Learning and Development
  • Ambitious Team
  • Fun and Parties
  • Stay Ahead
FLOW Concept

We integrate work into our lives, not the other way around

To be your most productive, creative, and amazing self, make use of our FLOW concept, while enjoying the trust and full ownership to excel in an outcome-oriented environment.

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Learning and Development

We challenge and grow

Our mission is to provide each Sprykee with a framework for holistic and regular 360° feedback as well as for personal and professional development. Develop your skills further via self-learning tools, training and workshops, as well as free language classes and knowledge sharing sessions.

Ambitious Team

We focus on our vision

Grasp our vision, ambition, and DNA during our regular all-hands and executive Q&A sessions. We are passionate about many things - we are a climate-neutral company, an equal opportunity workplace and we partner with organizations like Girls in Tech.

Fun and Parties

We connect and celebrate our success

All to help you to identify, dance, connect, and exchange with our herd, living the Spryker spirit. Digital Yoga and workout classes, regular team events, and legendary summer and winter parties in surprising locations where we gather our entire global herd.

Stay Ahead

We live and breathe innovation

Constant innovation lies not only at the heart of our product, but is key to our DNA in all areas of business. Choose between the newest hardware versions, and work with the latest tools and technologies. Help us stay innovative by providing feedback and suggestions through our regular and anonymous internal pulse surveys.

Spryker Testimonials

Learn more about us and what we care about

Our Sprykees are at the core of everything we do and we listen to their innovative ideas to create the best work environment possible. Working from all over the world, in different time zones, across different cultures, our herd uses flexible working in varied unique ways to fit work into their life, not the other way around. But don’t just take our word for it - hear it directly from others as well!!

  • As a Sprykee I constantly receive feedback and have a channel for sharing my observations and ideas. My supervisor cares and considers my ideas. There is always meaningful recognitions from multiple levels within the company. I am more excited about being able to work whenever, wherever so far as I am productive.

    Emmanuel Kwegyir

    IT Support Engineer

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  • I love working in the Herd at Spryker. I love the sense of unified purpose. I love the energy and commitment and begeisterung (enthusiasm) that everyone brings. There are tough days and growth on the scale that Spryker is delivering is not easy but it is enormously rewarding and fun at the same time.

    Chris Rauch

  • I feel a great match with Spryker that is so international and avant-garde, that I think I was a Sprykee even before getting the job!😄
    Grateful for my amazing Spryker team and colleagues which are there for me every step of the way.

    Delia Georgiana Paiu

    Enterprise Business Developer

  • I was able to move directly to the place I love the most, which is in the mountains. ⛰️

    Jacquie Rooney

    Senior Product Manager

  • It’s a big honor to work with such a skillful and single-minded (strongest ever!) team. I’ve improved myself as analyst, leader and developer a lot!

    Andrey Netseplyaev

    Solutions Architect

  • two colleagues chatting in the office

    Genuinely the best company I ever worked for.


    Spryker Company Survey

  • Today also marks my one year anniversary at Spryker Systems - one year, three countries, three working contracts - thank you to our amazing P&C team for always supporting my travel dreams, even if it generates more paperwork 😘

    Elizabeth Ryan

    Content Marketing Strategist

  • We are excited to be recognized as top employer by Business Punk, and Top 2022 Company by Kununu.

  • Evolutionizing🌱one herd across the globe🌍
    Bold Talent Acquisition vision, packed with our passion to create the best experience while speaking (yes, speaking rather than interviewing) with Spryker Systems, regardless of where you are or where you are from; and full of ambition to globally evolve our herd.
    Always focused on "culture add" as I like to call it, bringing in diverse individuals, with innovative and different mindsets, and diverse ideas.
    Evolutionizing? We 🤍 this word for us.
    We on purpose excluded "scaling" and "growing", or "hyper-growth", emphasising rather that there lies relentless effort behind "evolutionizig" our herd, knowing this will take time and energy, driving a gradual transformation upwards, fostering the process and people along the way, and get even better every day.
    Evolutionizing for us also describes retaining those amazing Sprykees we have longterm, and our common efforts of internal transitions and mobility.

    Lana Meilinger

    Director Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

  • Many thanks, everybody for such a warm welcome, joining the herd really feels like coming back home!

    Pedro Diaz

    Senior Technical Product Manager

  • Before coming to Spryker many of my former students advised me to not work while finishing my studies. Well, Spryker made it possible. With the support of the amazing team I was able to balance both, writing my master thesis and doing a job that prepared me for my permanent role. Working for Spryker is a game changer for students.

    Nora Tenberge

    Online Events Content Manager

  • People-oriented culture is a treasure & you may find it in Spryker. One has task ownership with no micromanagement, all aims are clear & communicated throughout the organization. Constant improvement of all the processes, which one can participate in.


    Online Events Content Manager

  • I decided to join Spryker for the incredible challenge and the passion of the people I spoke with!

    > Spryker culture in 3 words:
    1) Incredibly friendly & helpful: you can ask anyone about anything and they seem eager to help you
    2) Professional trust: the bar to get in is high, but that means everyone is incredibly smart and a fit for our culture. That saves a lot of time "figuring each other out" when you collaborate with someone new and provides instant trust.
    3) Fun: probably in line with the culture fit in #2, but you can be a bit silly with everyone. We take the job serious, but can still laugh a lot about situations happening. This helps with the remote bonding and makes things much better when the pressure is on.

    Guido Janssen

    Global Business & Technology Evangelist

  • Spryker has been ranked as #8 in the list of the Top 100 Flexible Employers, a list that celebrates and showcases the most progressive, flexible companies that talent can find.

    Top 100 Flexible Employers 2023

    by Jobgether

At Spryker, we pride ourselves on being the most modern forward-thinking ecommerce solution in the industry. We recognize that talent comes in many shapes and sizes, which is why we’ve started opening our doors to global talent around the world - and we’re thrilled to see how our unique Spryker herd is growing! As a remote-first company, it doesn’t matter where you’re based - if you match our Spryker DNA and strive for excellence, we want you.

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, and wherever you’re going in life, you’re welcome to join and help us enable sophisticated transactional business models that go beyond borders. We look forward to hearing from you!

Boris Lokschin, Alexander Graf Founders & Co-CEOs
Company Tile showing the Founders


Our DNA Traits

In difference lies opportunity and in unity there is strength. This is what makes our herd unique, we are united under the same goal, vision and shared core DNA, while acknowledging that we are each unique individuals.

  • Herd-player

    We learn from each other and unite in our differences, while being friendly and ego-less.

  • Solution-oriented

    We innovate and look for best-fit solutions, not complaining about the problem.

  • Seeking ownership

    We are organized, reliable, loyal, and always challenge ourselves to see the big picture.

  • Passionate

    We have a true and contagious passion for what we do and for our herd, which gives us energy to keep striving for excellence.

  • Adaptable

    We don‘t get attached to the status quo, but welcome constant change with open arms, positive attitude and flexible mindset.

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One Herd One Love

For us it is about being excited (even) on Mondays, cheering for each other every single day, and working towards one goal, with one drive, one passion, and as one herd.

We Are Where You Are

One Spryker Herd Welcomes All

With our employees working in 25+ countries and holding 50+ nationalities, our Spryker Herd is truly global. While we all work and celebrate success together, every Sprykee brings a unique spirit to the mix.