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Jungheinrich’s Unlimited Digital B2B Growth Thanks to Centrally Managed Glocalization

Learn how Jungheinrich Scaled Customer Satisfaction in 40+ Countries Efficiently

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Jungheinrich's growth challenge

Grow smart, but grow now!

Digital commerce is growing all over the world. Particularly in the B2B sector, where the digitization of business models was slower to take hold, this development is being driven by the increasing needs and expectations of customers. For Jungheinrich, a German B2B manufacturing company and global leader in intralogistics, it was all the more challenging to meet these expectations as they are active all across the globe, and the needs vary greatly locally.

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40 countries, 800,000+ items, and a solid foundation to keep growing

Jungheinrich wanted to expand its e-commerce capabilities to better serve the needs of the company’s end customers. To achieve this, it needed a holistic e-commerce platform where all the company’s digital commerce activities could be consolidated while also accompanying the challenge of scalability.

Spryker’s modular solution provides the flexibility we need today to meet
the global challenges of tomorrow.

Nikolaus Meixner, Director E-Business, Jungheinrich AG

Jungheinrich found their solution to grow digital business in Spryker, enabling them to offer a centrally managed though locally personalized spare parts ordering experience in 40 countries.



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