RFP Template Overview

With this RFP template you can find the right digital commerce solution to drive growth, enhance customer experience, and support your long-term strategic goals. Everything you need from B2B, B2C to marketplace, unified commerce and beyond!

The RFP Template Will Help You

Clearly communicate your specific business requirements and objectives for your digital commerce project so vendors understand your needs and suggest solutions that match your strategic vision.

Evaluate and compare multiple vendors based on a complete set of criteria that are relevant to your business needs, thus enabling you to choose the best fit vendor.

Make informed decisions and mitigate risks by evaluating vendors and identifying potential gaps, risks, and challenges early on.

Choose a vendor that strategically aligns with your long-term goals and vision, contributes to your business's growth, and enhances customer experience.

Who should use this RFP?

Business Executives

Project Managers

E-Commerce Managers

Procurement Managers

RFP Template Preview

In the RFP template, you can outline key stakeholders, business objectives, critical KPIs, target customers, customer journey maps, and specify the necessary capabilities. When considering the required capabilities, you can assign a ranking to each one, such as Must have, Nice to have, Future phase, or out of scope, and give specific implementation details for your project. It is important to prioritize an MVP approach, concentrating the scope on items that will deliver the most immediate value. Plus, for any custom requirements you have or identified opportunities to differentiate from competitors, you can include additional features in each section.

Access RFP Template

A tablet displaying a document titled "Commerce Project RFP," including a table with columns for "Capability" and "Customer-Specific Requirements." A note above the document instructs sending the tab to vendors. This Commerce RFP template ensures all vendor capabilities align with customer-specific needs.