Why Now is the Perfect Time To Start a Retail Marketplace

Apart from the evident shift in consumer behavior, retailers are facing a variety of challenges. Read this whitepaper to learn why switching to a marketplace business model can help retailers overcome some of their key problems.

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Whitepaper Overview

The explosive growth of e-commerce has resulted in higher customer expectations; omnichannel experiences are required in order to achieve a more seamless shopping experience. Furthermore, as shoppers become more sophisticated, creating advanced commerce platforms that cater to a wide array of customer needs will be critical for a retailer’s success. Complexities surrounding the supply chain have also impacted retail operations. Labor shortages, production delays and disrupted logistics are often huge concerns for retailers and having to deal with these challenges independently can be a burden for less equipped businesses.


The Changing Retail Landscape & Its Challenges

Marketplace As a Solution for Retailers: Understanding the New Business Model

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Getting Started with Spryker's Enterprise Marketplace Capability

Leading Retailers Using Spryker Marketplace

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Top 4 retail challenges that actually present growth opportunities

Here are 4 constraints that offer potential for expansion into retail marketplaces:

  • Digital Disruption: Scale your business through digital channels
  • High Customer Expectations: Deliver high level personalization
  • The Need for Advanced Platforms: Solve customer challenges with a well equipped platform
  • Supply Chain Complexities: Streamline supply chain processes by seeking support

Spryker’s Enterprise Marketplace solution enables retailers to set up a fully functioning marketplace. The Enterprise Marketplace ensures a consistent user experience for the end customer, the third-party merchants, and the grocery store owner, who acts as the marketplace operator.

Built on the Spryker Cloud Commerce OS, this Enterprise Marketplace solution also allows existing Spryker customers to effortlessly upgrade their B2C or B2B shops to a marketplace.



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